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Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 11:36:29 PDT

Dearest of dear topics, oh so much at stake, where to begin, how to sign, who to imagine listening, how much to risk, how much to invest, which history to invoke, whether to hope, what to hope for . . . and to what end.


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> Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009, 10:46 PM
> i love to get input from other educators.  i don't
> normally teach at the university level, except when invited
> as a guest lecturer or artist, so input from that community
> is always vital to me, since as i am unfamiliar with what is
> taught in college-level film production programs these days.
>  my formal education happened at Boston University in the
> late 70s and San Francisco State in the mid 80s when the
> technology was entirely different from today.  basically
> all of my training was in 16mm film piled with lots of
> history and theory.
> what i often see in emerging video art these
> days is a lot of concentration on stretching form and
> technology (which was definitely less the fashion at BU in
> those social documentary days, but much more popular at SF
> State with Trinh Minh-ha on the faculty) but far less
> development of time-based content than what one would have
> seen 25 years ago.  i often feel that the distinction
> between experimental film and video art lies somewhere in
> this subtle disparity.  in short: are they (you?) teaching
> much theory these days?  
> my sense is that in some programs, yes, and i
> suspect it happens particularly outside of the US with a few
> select exceptions.  but that perhaps it may not be the norm
> for most programs. i am curious to hear from those who are
> currently studying as well as those who are teaching in
> academia. which programs have which types of focus in what
> cities?  what are the major differences between academic
> production environments and "art schools"?  what
> distinguishes "media studies" from "media
> art" from "new media" from "film
> production" from "time-based media" etc. in
> terms of curriculum and teaching modalities?
> how much of today's education is learning
> how to "look" vs learning how to use software and
> technology? i am curious as to how this is broken down
> nowadays.
> it is always helpful to know how to direct the
> adolescents that i teach and mentor as they prepare to march
> off to universities...
> enjoy
> today...
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> On Mar 19, 2009, at 8:08 PM, JEFFREY PAULL
> wrote:
> Hi,
> Francisco,
>  In my earlier email
> had made a suggested teaching list,        "If
> these are elementary school-middle school age kids, they
> need to learn stuff like..." . .  (the rest of the
> email listed ideas of things to teach)
> And,
> Francisco, you answered,  "That's the
> stuff they don't teach in film school."
> I'm
> greatly intrigued by your comment, as I taught variations of
> that list in my Film Production classes at Art school - as
> part of art-experimental film -,and
> at community college - as embellishment at job training -,
> and at university.It
> seemed to work well. (Happenstance: last November I
> reconnected with a student from 1970, who gave me
> feedback.)
> So,
> regarding, "That's the stuff they don't teach
> in film school." I have QUESTIONS:
>     Do you mean
> they don't teach it in film school because its
> unnecessary?                   
>                 Because there are other more
> important things to teach?                  
>                 Might there still be some
> sort of place for at least some of it? Or not.                  
>                 How were you taught? Did you
> go to Film school? Since
> I was a teacher - and you know how we can get stuck in ruts
> and time warps - time may have passed me by without me
> looking out the windows of my faux ivory tower.I
> need to emphasize that I was passing along to my students,
> my version of how I was taught at Boston University from
> 1964 - 1969.Maybe
> change takes longer to get here in Toronto and, as happens,
> sometimes, "I am the last to know.".
> If
> you care to comment on any of this, I'm very interested
> in what you'd have to say. 
> Do
> you think anybody on FRAMEWORKS might be interested in
> dicussing issues around what's taught in Film programmes
> and what was missing?
> Jeffrey
> Paull
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