For sale - misc film gear

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 22:15:04 PDT

*- FOR SALE -*

EIKI 100mm f2.2 projector lens

SIMPSON 5/8" or .625" (16mm) f2 with 42.5mm Eiki collar

STEENBECK 1900 and 1600 parts lot

MIER-HANCOCK hot splicer, heating coil not working, not that it matters as
it works fine w/o heat

MOVIOLA M-50 viewer (takes BRL lamp)

CINEBUG perf repair machine

MTE sound heads, one play and one record
$150 for both

ART HQ31 equalizer (single channel), includes manual. Unit has a HPF and LPF
for setting the
sound envelope for 16mm optical sound, helps cut machine noise in low and
high frequencies

Two books by Jorgen Lossau, like new condition $45 for both
The Complete Catalogue of Movie Cameras
Cut (all about film splicers)

Slide projector lenses $50 for both
Tamron 70-125mm f2.8
Will.Wetzlar 150mm f3.5


Alain LeTourneau
Pam Minty
425 SE 3rd #400
Portland, OR 97214
United States
+1 503 231 6548
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