Visual Music Marathon in New York City on April 11th

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Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 20:34:44 PDT

Posted for Dennis Miller. My video, Another Kind of Blues, will be
part of the program.

Visual Music Marathon on April 11th, 2009



Saturday, April 11, 10am - 10pm
Visual Arts Theater, School of Visual Arts
333 West 23 Street, New York
Free and open to the public

The MFA Computer Art Department at School of Visual Arts, the New
York Digital Salon and the Department of Music and Multimedia Studies
at Northeastern University present the New York premiere of the
Visual Music Marathon , a 12-hour festival showcasing 120 works by
contemporary digital artists and composers from around the world. The
event offers an encyclopedic look into the burgeoning practice of
visual music, which combines animation and musical composition. The
roots of the genre date back more than two hundred years to the
ocular harpsichords and color-music scales of the 18th century; the
current art form came to fruition following the emergence of film and
video in the 20th century.

The Visual Music Marathon presents a remarkable array of artistic
strategies and sensibilities. Some of the selected works consist of
abstract visual interpretations of pieces of music, while others
apply structural concepts of music to create moving images, or
explore the overlap between visual and musical languages. The artists
make use of a range of media and technologies, including found
footage, hand-drawn animation, stop-motion photography, digitally
processed video, computer-generated imagery, and paintings made
directly on film. Works include audio tracks ranging from
computer-generated scores, to sampled sounds from nature, to both
classical and contemporary musical compositions.

Northeastern University faculty member Dennis Miller , artistic
director and curator for the festival, explains, "With the Visual
Music Marathon, we have put together the largest and most
historically representative selection of work in this field. It is a
unique opportunity to see the best of cutting-edge digital art from
around the world as well as rarely screened historical gems in the
field of visual music." Bruce Wands , chair of the MFA Computer Art
Department at SVA and curator of the New York Digital Salon hour of
the Marathon, remarked, "We are excited to share all of these works
with the city of New York-the majority of which have never been seen
here before. It is a wonderfully diverse group of films, which gives
a sense of the creativity and momentum in this field right now."

The program includes works by established figures in the field, such
as Canadian/Belgian artist Jean Detheux ( Daydream Mechanics V Sketch
3, Rupture and Liaisons ), Icelandic artist Steina Vasulka ( Trevor
), Austrian artist Tina Frank ( Chronomops , Pitbudp ) and American
artists Stephanie Maxwell ( Time Streams , All That Remains ) and
Karen Aqua ( Kakania, Sensorium ). The festival also presents the
work of emerging digital artists including SVA alumnus Joe Tekippe
(2006 MFA Computer Art ; Modal Drawing Toy ), German artist Robert
Siedel ( _grau ) and UK-based artists Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt
of Semiconductor ( 200 Nanowebbers ), among others.

In addition to the contemporary works, the program will include
examples of rare, historic works from early practitioners of the art
form, such as Hans Richter and Oskar Fischinger, which will be
screened on 16mm film. The Visual Music Marathon will also feature
live audio-visual acts: 1/X , performed by artist and SVA alumnus
Chiaki Watanabe (1996 BFA Computer Art) and musician David Galbraith;
and S 2: Simstim Squared, performed by artist Marjan Moghaddam and
composer Adam Caine.

For further details about the festival or to view the April 11
program schedule, please visit and

Media Contact: For more information, please contact Keri Murawski at
212.592.2164 or Dennis Miller 617.373.4132, email suppressed
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