Arri & Bolex 16mm cameras for sale

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 14 2009 - 13:54:45 PST

Arri 16S, very good condition (essentially single owner as I bought
an unused camera) ser # 152xx (this is not an S/B).
Cared for, flawless registration.

Sold with: Tobin TM-23 variable speed motor, very low mileage - much
better than the stock Arri S variable speed motor (I'll include an
old one of those too).

Cine 60 8.4v battery belt & power cable; about 10 x 100' rolls shot
with this battery.

Angenieux 9.5-57 HEC zoom lens; superior to older pre-HEC zooms. f
1.6 / T 1.9 at the wide end. Very nice lens, focusses to 2' at all
focal lengths. (This lens does not cover Super 16, but should work
with 2/3" model (RED) Scarlet Cinema version camera).

$ 1500 for all of above.

Bolex H-16 Rex 4 with large 13X viewfinder (from Bolex EL). Camera
purchased from TCS in NYC and find tuned by them at my request for
the best image quality you can get from a Bolex.

Sold with 10mm Switar RX (not the pre-set, but matches the 26mm quite
well) also has Century Aspheric adaptor giving 6mm focal length.

26mm Switar RX pre-set - truly great lens, excellent cond.

75mm Switar f 1.9 OK lens, not as good as the 10 & 26.

This is a great package for $ 2200.

Contact off list if interested !


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