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Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 07:23:51 PST


I haven't seen "The Red Violin," but recall reading that it's structured in this way. The story links many people over three centuries through their possession of the eponymous violin.

Vicki White

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Hello everyone,
I am doing research and pre-production work on a film project on Mafia in South Italy, 16mm, no actors. This was the reason of my recent post about tinting B&W footage as this could be an option for some scenes.
One of the forms the work could take is that of a “daisy chain” of sorts: follow one person in the street then move on following another person, and so on. The links between people could be sites or objects. For instance, person A is followed until he enters a bar. We then follow person B as soon as he exits the same bar. Objects could be transitional objects like the famous post-it-sized pizzini mafiosi use to communicate, even if we do not see them. Suggestion might be enough. In B&W and with shrewd editing, I suppose one can generate the suggestion, even if for a split-second, that the same person is being followed. I have done this in photography and now want to experimet with film.
I was wondering what pedigree this idea has. I know of no film that systematically exploits this device, or uses it as an editing strategy, apart from Linklater's “Slacker” movie, in which one or more characters are followed until they meet a third one, upon which the action shifts to this third person until he or she meets a fourth one, and so forth...
Thank you for any feedback!

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