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From: Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 06:39:31 PST


sounds like you are on your way.

i agree with marco that it is a good investment to make - as an
artist, a 16mm camera will provide you with a lifetime of
possibilities for creative use. they do not become obsolete like
video cameras.

a good wind-up bolex will do the job, but if you do not have a lot of
experience shooting in film or working with old cameras, perhaps stay
away from the non-reflex (prarallax viewfinder) types and go for the
more user-friendly reflex models. they are available on ebay and it
is almost impossible to run into a bolex that doesn't work or cannot
be repaired. i agree that prime lenses are better than zoom, though
i have an old berthiot pan-cinor zoom lens on my bolex and it would
certainly deliver what you are after, though a prime lens with slow
film (Plus X) will produce much finer results.

negative film produces finer results than reversal, but shooting
reversal is a lot cheaper ( i use it, love it and it's especially
good for drawing and painting on it). if you are planning to
transfer to digital video for editing, you can process the negative
film for less by specifying "process only" and not having to pay for
the positive print.

all the advice you got about using filters is especially good, and
the filters are very easy to use with the bolex.

as for the k-3, i had one for years and it was great for experimental
filmmaking because it was totally unreliable, would lose loop, etc.
so it was a pandora's box of surprise in-camera effects whenever you
least expected them. if you are planning to use it for any thing
that would require more dependability than that, i would beware.
mine worked fine for a few months then started going haywire. they
are very cheap and really an adorable package, but i would be careful
with these. but of course this is only my experience. i would be
curious to know of anyone else's experiences with the k-3.

a great day to all frameworkers...

enjoy today...

Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez
Film/Video Artist and Freelance Writer

On Jan 8, 2009, at 9:05 AM, marco poloni wrote:

> a good alternative to the bolex is the K3 or krasnogorsk-3. super
> sturdy and sharp camera. they sell them, fully revised, in new
> york:
> susana i think it's a good investment if you are serious,
> marco
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>> Subject: Re: More ino please to help focus answers you get
>> Your cheapest option would be a non-reflex Bolex. Quite a few on
>> ebay.
>> If you are filming skies and seas you can set the lens to infinity
>> and not
>> worry about focus.
>> Nicky Hamlyn.
>> Susana de Sousa Dias writes:
>>>> "Here are some questions for you to pick from and answer.
>>>> Then, any further suggestions people make can be of more
>>>> probable help,
>>>> especially regarding lenses and filters."
>>> Actually, I want to shoot mainly skies and the sea. It's for a
>>> non-narrative
>>> film I am making at the moment.
>>> I want to transmit an abstract idea of storm. I intend to modify
>>> speeds
>>> (either increasing or decreasing) in final cut.
>>> I am in Portugal, so even in winter the days are quite bright in
>>> spite of
>>> the clouds.
>>> I think I will shoot over several weekends - I am going to the
>>> seaside, to
>>> a place which is known for being usually cloudy and windy.
>>> The problem is less the rolls than the price for the camera. As
>>> rental fees
>>> are quite high in Portugal I am thinking in buying a camera maybe
>>> on e-bay.
>>> Thanks for all the suggestions I received until now!
>>> Susana de Sousa Dias
>>>> At what sort of landscape will you point your camera?
>>>> Are you, at this stage, collecting footage now, you'll figure
>>>> out how to
>>>> use i later?
>>>> Have a general or specific film theme / mood / or need in mind?
>>>> Will it be a story or non-narrative movie?
>>>> What sort of weather will you shoot in? Snow? Sunny days? Summer?
>>>> Are you after particular sorts of action? (blowing trees,
>>>> scudding clouds,
>>>> etc.)
>>>> Will you need any close-ups of things - insects, leaves,
>>>> Budget? How many rolls or minutes do you have money for?
>>>> Will you shoot this all in a short time (say, on holiday) or
>>>> over a long
>>>> time whenever "good" moments come along?
>>>> Jeffrey Paull
>>>> On Wed 07/01/09 12:17 , Susana de Sousa Dias
>>>> (address suppressed):
>>>>> Dear Frameworkers,
>>>>> I need some advice about shooting in 16mm b&w. I want to shoot
>>>>> mainly
>>>>> landscapes and cloudy skies (no need for sync sound). Which
>>>>> camera,
>>>>> which lenses and what sort of film stock would you recommend?
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Susana de Sousa Dias
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