projecting super-16mm

From: marco poloni (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 04 2009 - 09:41:47 PST

Hello all,

Does anybody have knowledge as to converting a 16mm Eiki SSL on NT projector to run Super-16? In principle it would be as easy as milling the gate and pressure plate to the ISO-standard “Type W” aperture of S-16mm, and maybe modifying the rollers too, but I've heard it is actually tricky because the lamp might need to be re-positioned in its housing, realigning the whole optical path, etc..

Also, I'm interested in syncing sound. As there's no space for an optical track on S-16, I figured out the film should have a cue (eg a transparent frame) read by an optical diode that would send a signal to a device, eg Max MSP driving an MP3 reader, or some custom-made electronics driving a solid-state reader (eg “ProDVX F100 Digital Solid State Video Player” which is extensively used in art venues, museums, etc.).


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