Re: Head Cleaner suggestions

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 15 2008 - 15:08:15 PST

Hi -
Your idea expresses an important theme Perfectly good (but different) sorts of music can be made by NOT using musical instruments,
but by using everyday objects to make the sounds. In your case: perfectly good (but different) sorts of movies can be made
NOT by using story, or by using objects in their "regular" way, but by using their colours, shapes, movements, as raw
material to make movie reconstructions. Sort of like cine-collages.

You've isolated some well-framed objects: floor, foot, head, brush.
You have some good colours and colour combos in the original which I think you come back to, in cycles.
but your applied colours, in my opinion, didn't have anything to do with the existing colours,
Nor did they have an integration or coherent relationship to each other as they change.
So they look a bit arbitrary, or as if one movie is superimposed on another movie.

She(?) strokes the head with her brush which has its own rhythm and frame presence,
but the jumps as you recycle her action seem to be independant of the other manipulations you show us.

The music has this nice rhythm, and the patterned interplay between a sort of "tink" sound
and a sort of "thud" sound.
So any of these elements, separately, are promising beginnings of some sort of organization,
progression, orchestration, to give your work a shape or from.
So here are some possibilities to take this material to a next level of expessive intensity:
   - Use the original colours as a specific palette of tones to play off of.
   - Make your applied colours have their own coherent palette and/or have an interplay with the palette of the original colours.
   (They needen't "match"; dissonance is as useful as consonance) but establish patterns so, like the music, we can
follow your graphic ideas.)
   - You've got the cleaning-brushing motion which you are nicely cycyling (like the music) but perhaps you can
climb inside the existing stroking rhythm and "micromanage" it so it has syncopation, or some such variation).

Perhaps this helps, maybe not, maybe what I'm after isn't at all what you are after,
but I took you up on your "comments, perhaps", as seen by an unknown audience member.

Jeffrey P.

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