Re: Film print as collectible (?)

From: Marilyn Brakhage (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 20:16:29 PST

Mark is right that there are quite a few of these around. And I think
Stan did not intend it to be "a little reddish." This is probably a
faded print. Also, Fred is right, that the 8mm versions were not made
for aesthetic purpose. However, yes, Stan did have the wish that
people could own 8 mm film libraries in their homes, much like their
own book libraries, and so perhaps that was part of his reasoning for
distributing Lovemaking, Window Water Baby Moving and Mothlight in 8mm
through Grove Press. . . . Perhaps, also, he just needed to make a
little money at the time.

In any case, this is the first part only, of a longer film in four
sections, that was later withdrawn from distribution, as Stan feared
that some of its content would be misunderstood and/or misused. The
16mm internegative is in storage at the Academy Film Archive, but the
film is still not being offered for sale. For that reason also, this
print might seem to have some special worth or value to some people.
But considering the print's faded condition, I'd say it's pretty
overpriced. New prints of Brakhage films, of comparable length, in 16
mm, sell for about the same amount.

Marilyn Brakhage

On Sunday, December 7, 2008, at 02:41 PM, Myron Ort wrote:

> I imagine this will generate some discussion.
> How much would a new and better looking print cost?
> eBay Item number: 150313374446
> Rare Original Stan Brakhage Super 8 print "Lovemaking"
> 1968 color 7 min. Grove Press Film EXCELLENT SHAPE!!
> Myron Ort
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