Re: Film print as collectible (?)

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 17:53:17 PST

Quite a few S8 sale copies of Love Making circulated. It's not like this was an editioned set of prints like Jack Goldstein's...

Anyhow, these super-8 prints were made from double-rank 16/S8 internegatives which themselves were printed from either reversal reductions off the originals, reversal reductions off of 2nd gen 16mm masters, or potentially directly from the originals themselves. I don't remember in the case of Love Making.

Regardless, this is definitely going to be a faded Eastmancolor print that will look like shit. $499 is a pretty ludicrous price. It's true that the super 8 versions are basically not reprintable, making the ones that are extant somewhat unique-ish, but the original was 16mm, and new 16mm prints ARE printable, I'm guessing likely for around the same price as what this is going for.

But this ebay copy has some aura, maybe. Depending on what you're into, that might be worth $499.

mark t

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> I imagine this will generate some discussion.
> How much would a new and better looking print cost?
> eBay Item number: 150313374446
> Rare Original Stan Brakhage Super 8 print
> "Lovemaking"
> 1968 color 7 min. Grove Press Film EXCELLENT SHAPE!!
> Myron Ort
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