Regarding Experimental Films, from CAMBOFEST, Cambodia

From: jason rosette (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 25 2008 - 21:27:23 PST


We run Cambodia's first (and only, so far) independent movie festival called
CAMBOFEST - as well as an offshoot screening series. The
second edition of our festival is coming up in Siem Reap on December

Anyway, we'd be interested in screening an ongoing program of experimental
films, although we are currently limited to DVD source only.

I mention this because of previous post regarding lack of market for
experimental films; I've found that experimental media often is well
received here...especially when not verbal language driven.

Anyone interested in discussing further, whether individual or if interested
in licensing a block of programs, please contact me at the CamboFest website
or email suppressed

All the best,


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CamboTube ->
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