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From: C Keefer (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 25 2008 - 20:05:58 PST

Center for Visual Music announces 6 new Visual Music and Abstract Animation DVDs. All DVDs are available at our online store at or for pickup at CVM's Los Angeles offices (by appointment, please call first).

1. Sylvia Pengilly & Michael Rhoades, Six Videos.

Synergistic Visual Music collaborations by Pengilly (video) and Rhoades (music).
Includes Patterns of Organic Energy, The Outer Edge of Possibility, Unperceived
Dimensions, Release!, Anaphasics and Impossible Spaces, created between 2004-2008.

Pengilly's visuals are inspired by diverse influences such as quantum mechanics,
mathematical formulae, Calbi-Yau spaces and physics. In her Visual Music explorations,
she uses Artmatic Pro to generate the visuals and then MetaSynth to derive musical
samples from keyframes of the visuals. In her collaborations with Rhoades (composer),
he uses processes and mixes them to create the music. For Release! the process was reversed in that Rhoades’s musical composition was written first. Then Pengilly extracted visual
segments from the waveforms, and used them to generate a series of animations which
were then synchronized with the music from which they originated.

Pengilly's work has been featured in Leonardo's Computer Music Journal.

NTSC, region free. Aspect ratio 4x3. TRT approx 50 mins. Includes Liner Notes about the videos.
New release, November 2008. $19.99 private home use, $100 institutions (classroom, library use).

2. Visual Music for Babies - a new DVD Series.
Animated Classical Music for Babies. A new experience for young minds, combining
the majesty of classical music with the stimulating visuals of abstract animation.
A Series of four DVDs.

Colorful, dynamic images move in synch with musical accompaniment from classical
masterpieces to create a vibrant Visual Music experience that can captivate your
baby's attention and enrich their senses. Help your child grow. Give him or
her a new experience with Animated Classical Music for Babies DVDs. Stimulating,
enriching music and animation for babies.

Each disc has newly recorded arangements of these masterpieces, each with two visual
interpretations, a "clean" version and a "textured" version. Clean selections are brighter, with cleaner shapes and solid colors. Textured selections are darker with textured edges and shapes. These Visual Music DVDs for babies are recommended especially for children 3 years old and younger. Discs are available for individual purchase, or as a set of 4. NTSC, region free, 4:3. New release, November 2008. $19.99 each, or set of four discounted to $69.99. The perfect holiday gift for new parents!

Exclusively available through Center for Visual Music in Los Angeles, at:
DVDs (c) NeoExperience.

3. LUMIA: Thomas Wilfred and The Story of Light Art

A new 81 minute Documentary, Lumia is the story of Thomas Wilfred and "the
birth of light art." Wilfred began his career as a Danish Lute player. He captivated
audiences throughout the 1920's and 30's with his projected light shows
called Lumia. Wilfred spent his last decades making automated versions of his work
and executing commissions for private collectors and museums. The LUMIA DVD
features Lumia footage, archival materials, interviews and commentary. The documentary
includes segments on light and color organ artists Charles Dockum, Chris Sidenius, Mary Hallock
Greenewalt, and Earl Reiback.
SPECIAL NOTE: Includes a short clip from Center for Visual Music's restoration
of a 1952 Charles Dockum Mobilcolor performance film.

$30 private home use, $100 institutional purchases (public performance rights not included, only classroom and library use). NTSC, Region-free. Includes several Bonus features. 81 mins, 2008 release.

Available at CVM's online store, Documentaries page:

For more information on any of these titles, please contact CVM at CVMaccess (at)
gmail(dot)com or call us (phone # on home page).

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Belson DVDs.

best regards,
Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music

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