Re: ambitious SF Cinematheque membership drive (was Re: volunteering in San Francisco)

From: Jonathan Marlow (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 01:41:14 PDT

If it wasn't clear before, I'll state it clearly now. We are starting from
square one!

During our half-century anniversary season, I honestly hope that we will
return to our humble beginnings and present a screening in that front yard
(not back, as it turns out) in Canyon, California. There is a collaboration
in its early stages which could potentially enable such an event to happen.
If not there, we'll recreate that initial screening elsewhere. We are
certainly not at a loss for ideas. Ideally, I'll be able to gather the
necessary resources to realize all of our ambitious notions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we both know many of the same people. I suppose that
it is inevitable in any community that paths will eventually overlap. Many
of these individuals have contacted me recently -- particularly in the wake
of this thread -- to express their support. I am exceptionally grateful for
their comments. Positive statements are only part of the equation, of
course. I welcome their (and your) criticisms, too.

Nonetheless, for the sake of the numerous recipients on this list, I see no
intrinsic value in continuing this discussion on Frameworks. You've said
your part. I've said mine. If you have other issues with the organization, I
invite you (and everyone else) to contact me directly. I look forward to any
comments or questions that you decide to send my way. I'll respond,
accordingly, as quickly as possible.

Jonathan Marlow

SAN FRANCISCO CINEMATHEQUE | 145 Ninth St. Suite 240 San Francisco, CA

Jonathan Marlow appreciatively wrote:
> "For the sake of history," [snip]
> "I don't believe your response necessarily
> speaks for Eric. It speaks for you. "
> I know the history. I'm trying to speak for *it*..
> The occasion of Eric's complaint presented an opportunity to underscore a
> problem that you have to solve. You have to cultivate a community.
> To name the few farmers that i know of: Frank Stauffacher, Bruce Baille,
> Chick Strand, Emory Menefree, Edith Kramer, Vincent Grenier, Diane Kitchen,
> David Gerstein, Joel Shepard, Lissa Gibbs, David Sherman, Rebecca Barton,
> Dominic Angerame, Steve Anker, Irina Leimbacher. These people associated
> with experimental film in San Francisco were not arts administrators, they
> were servants, maniacs, depressives, aggressives, visionaries, teachers and
> artists.
> You're not going to steer that venue to a new valuable course by being
> diplomatic. Or i should say that is not the only thing you have to be. We
> certainly failed to get the right allies, and that was a time when there was
> still money around!
> Not even that you asked, but: why not pretend that you are starting from
> square one, as if "The San Francisco Cinematheque" didn't exist yet, except
> in your imagination. Imagine you are in a humble back yard in a fold in the
> Eastbay Hills, hanging a sheet to show movies on .... or an urban garden in
> Manhattan ... imagine that you have nothing to lose?
> Like: give Eric his money back, and probably he, or someone else, will give
> it back to you. And i am NOT using that example to talk about myself.
> konrad
> ^Z
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.