Re: ambitious SF Cinematheque membership drive (was Re: volunteering in San Francisco)

From: konrad (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 23:23:00 PDT

Jonathan Marlow appreciatively wrote:

"For the sake of history," [snip]

"I don't believe your response necessarily
speaks for Eric. It speaks for you. "

I know the history. I'm trying to speak for *it*..

The occasion of Eric's complaint presented an
opportunity to underscore a problem that you have to
solve. You have to cultivate a community.

To name the few farmers that i know of: Frank
Stauffacher, Bruce Baille, Chick Strand, Emory
Menefree, Edith Kramer, Vincent Grenier, Diane
Kitchen, David Gerstein, Joel Shepard, Lissa Gibbs,
David Sherman, Rebecca Barton, Dominic Angerame, Steve
Anker, Irina Leimbacher. These people associated with
experimental film in San Francisco were not arts
administrators, they were servants, maniacs,
depressives, aggressives, visionaries, teachers and

You're not going to steer that venue to a new valuable
course by being diplomatic. Or i should say that is
not the only thing you have to be. We certainly
failed to get the right allies, and that was a time
when there was still money around!

Not even that you asked, but: why not pretend that you
are starting from square one, as if "The San Francisco
Cinematheque" didn't exist yet, except in your
imagination. Imagine you are in a humble back yard in
a fold in the Eastbay Hills, hanging a sheet to show
movies on .... or an urban garden in Manhattan ...
imagine that you have nothing to lose?

Like: give Eric his money back, and probably he, or
someone else, will give it back to you. And i am NOT
using that example to talk about myself.



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