Re: ambitious SF Cinematheque membership drive (was Re: volunteering in San Francisco)

From: konrad (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Oct 26 2008 - 01:06:53 PDT

In answer to Eric Theise's message Jonathan Marlow

"Unless I am misinterpreting the subtext of your
missive, it appears that your specific annoyance is
the decline in active participation asked of you and
the rest of our members and donors."

Not to speak for him, but to me Eric's public message
wasn't concerned with being asked to participate more.

It appears that he withdrew from participation because
Cinematheque didn't fulfill its end of a bargain.

An "ambitious drive" to ask the community for support
requires that you cultivate that support in good
faith, and that you offer a real relationship, not a
product, in return for participation.


PS re: publications.

For those who might care, Moving Picture Poetics is
not a Cinematheque publication and it is hardly "out
of print" -- this misinformation should be removed
from the publications list.

The 16 page program booklet contains a collection of
images and rare and original writings specifically for
the three program series of the same name.

Program list archived here:


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