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From: D. Mark Andrews (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 16 2008 - 22:29:47 PDT

Hey Jonathan,

I'm a huge fan of R8, evangelist of sorts. It is easier to find then you
might think. Here are some of the more common sources:

John Schwind (John supplies many of the folks below and is generally better

Freestyle (They are now selling Fomapan, an Eastern European film which is
reputed to have a higher silver content than other BW reversal films and
similar to the now defunct Agfa Scala which most still photographers,
including myself, will tell you was the most beautiful BW reversal film ever
seen. I have some, but haven't shot and processed any yet. If you go this
route I would love to hear about the results.)

Spectra Film & Video


Camera Pro



I'm also looking for a US source for R8 Velvia. Right now it is only sold in
Europe. I would be thrilled to find a US distributor if you come across one!

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  Hi Frameworkers,

  Can anyone recommend a good source for regular 8mm film? I know of, but they have a 10 roll limit, and I'm not sure I want
that many rolls (but if anyone can tell me anything about
I'd appreciate it).


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