Re: sustenance

From: k. a.r. (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 16 2008 - 22:26:44 PDT

I like that Brakhage quote, I think it is spot on. -1 to whoever wrote that negative comment about him.

When I started studying film in the late 80's, I knew right away I was
NEVER going to make my entire living off of art.

13 years after graduation, I work as a IATSE (International Alliance of Theatre and Stage Employees)
technician. I, nowadays, mostly work as an A/V techncian. Weird that something I started
doing in 6th grade now pays my bills.

IATSE is the union that makes every tv show and film that you see in the mainstream world.
They are very big in LA (obviously).
Maybe you want to go visit their office, and drop off a resume with your technical skills listed.
Focus on the technical stuff that you can do, and don't try to make it seem like you are looking for a
creative position. We all know hollywood isn't looking for creativity. hahahhaha.

it might only be once a month at first, but maybe you can start taking some calls.

My skill set started with what I learned at the University, i.e. camera skills, video tape

machine skills, lighting.

I have learned more since I have been out of college, but the college knowledge was definately

a good start.

I know people in LA that are musicians and artists, and yet make their money off of the random
union calls. It is a very flexible way to work, you can be available to work when you want and
take off when you want.

My job in the union usually allows me the money and the freedom to go to mexico for a month at a time
once or twice a year.
How many people can take a month off from work whenever they want to?

Also in LA, once you are in the "industry" you will make connections that will lead to other
connections and more work.
I know a musician who started out ironing wardrobe for a costume designer, and within a couple
of months was making $500-700 a day working on some big network tv show. Desperate something.....

Anyway, LA is huge and the industry is huge, you will find something.
It is competitive, you will have to really apply yourself.
And yeah I agree with that other post that 20 resumes is nothing. If you had said 200, then maybe you
could be a little depressed, but 20, no.

good luck and tell us how it all turns out!!!!!

Kristie Reinders, B.F.A.

Director of Cinematography, Electric Visions

Curator and Head Projectionist, Electric Mural Project

The Mission, San Francisco, CA

'A first class technician should work best under pressure.'

- - - Issac Asimov

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