"Visual Music" a label for film?

From: Larry Cuba (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 13:18:26 PDT

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>Subject: Re: The Debate REWIRED on You Tube and Vimeo
>...lately I've been having trouble with title of "Visual Music." It's a term I've been hearing a lot more often, and I'm wondering what frameworks think about it's usage. I'm particularly interested in how the term has become a label for the works of filmmakers like Jordan Belson, Oskar Fischinger, Stan Vanderbeek etc.

Is the problem with the term "Visual Music" itself?
Although not a particularly strong term, it seems to
have become the defacto label for all works created
primarily as a form of visual art comparable to (and
in conjunction with) the art of music.

Or you don't think that experimental filmmakers like
Belson, Fischinger, Vanderbeek, (also the Whitneys,
Lye, and McLaren) belong in this category that now also
seems to include several generations of music videos
and VJs?

---Larry Cuba
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