Film - amsterdam

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 10:20:22 PDT

the pro-film lab in amsterdam is called Cineco.
it's located more on the outskirts of the city in a more industrial area... but it's right next to a metro stop, so it's easy to get to. i can't remember the exact metro stop... but you can probably get detailed directions from them:

they will do 16mm, but not super 8.

for super 8, i would definitely go to rotterdam. it's only 1 hour and 10 minutes away by train. the Super 8 reversal lab is really really super great. Frank is wonderful.

you can also get super 8 equipment repaired there.

as for bolex repair in amsterdam, i'm not sure.
you could probably contact the folks at the filmwerkplaats in rotterdam... they might have some suggestions for you, because they have lots of bolexes, and i'm sure that the occasional one must get sent out for repair from time to time:

i hope that helps.

(currently in sackville, nb, canada)

> I am travelling to Amsterdam next month and need to repair
> my 16mm Bolex =
> and my Super 8 camera. I am also looking for a good lab
> that processes =
> 8mm/ Super 8 and 16mm film.
> I was wondering if anyone could recommend the right people.
> Thanks,
> Shumona

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