Re: Fall Tour Schedule - 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival

From: donald harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 17:37:19 PDT

It seems that Fall (for many of us) is finding Frameworks in a feisty
mood - school starting, election, lots of film events.
Along the lines of the latter, hopefully this is on topic enough for

The 46th AAAF Traveling Tour presents many of the top shorts from
this year's festival,
approx. half experimental and the others indie/alternative/
Some Frameworkers are participating as filmmakers or as host venues.

To view the current Tour Schedule:

To view the entire Tour Program:

This information is also included below.



Donald Harrison
Executive Director
Ann Arbor Film Festival
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office: 734.995.5356

Upcoming 46th AAFF Tour Stops
Cornell Cinema - SPCA Film Forum, Ithaca, NY 9 September
Los Angeles Filmforum at Echo Park Film Center 14 September
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Indiana 19, 20
Los Angeles Filmforum at Egyptian Theater 21
BAM Rose Cinemas, Brooklyn, NY 1 October
Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh, PA
3, 4 October
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 3,
4 October
Bowling Green State University, Ohio 7
Central Michigan University, Saginaw, MI 9,
10 October
University of Texas - San Antonio, TX 9, 10 October
College of the Atlantic ,
Maine 18 October
SF Cinematheque in San Francisco at ATA 6, 7 November
Oakland Community College, Michigan 12
SW Film Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico 13, 14 November
Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island 19 November
NW Film Forum, Seattle, WA 9 December

AAFF Tour Program 1

Doxology Michael Langan | Providence, RI | 7 min [winner most
promising filmmaker 2008 AAFF]

My Olympic Summer Daniel Robin | San Francisco, CA | 13 min [winner
jury prize for best short at Sundance 2008)

Yours Truly Osbert Parker | London, United Kingdom | 7 min [most
technically innovative film AAFF 2008]

The Green Grass of Twilight Richie Sherman | Pine Grove Mills, PA |
7.5 min

Frog Jesus Ben Peters | Vancouver, BC, Canada | 2 min [May 2008
Anarchy award Slamdance]

Safari Catherine Chalmers | New York, NY | 8 min [winner best
experimental short SXSW 2008]

America In Pictures Georg Koszulinski | Gainesville, FL | 7 min

Crank Balls Devin Bell | Los Angeles, CA | 5 min [best animated
film at Toronto Film Fest's Sprockets]

Number One Leighton Pierce | Ridge, NY | 11 min [first prize, Black
Maria Film Festival 2008]

Nijuman no Borei (200000 Phantoms) Jean-Gabriel Periot | Paris,
France | 11 min [Animate award 2007]

Bullet Proof Vest May Lin Au Yung | Stanford, CA | 6 min

I Met The Walrus Josh Raskin | Toronto, ON, Canada | 5 min
[nominated for Academy Award best animated short 2008]


Li: The Patterns of Nature John Campbell | Lansdale, PA | 9 min
[winner best cinematography AAFF 2008]

Office Suite - Robert Todd | 14 min | Boston, MA 16mm [winner best
experimental film AAFF 2008]

AAFF Tour Program 2

A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process (In Less Than 60 Seconds)

                          - Chel White | Portland, OR | 2 min
[Director's award Black Maria Film Festival 2007]

The Anthem Apichtapong Weerasethakul | Bangkok, Thailand | 5 min

The Drift Kelly Sears | Glendale, CA | 9 min [Director's award
Black Maria Film Festival 2007]

A Hundred Feet Universe Naoko Tasaka | Valencia, CA | 3 min

Spontaneous Generation Andrew Cahill | Providence, RI | 5 min [co-
winner best animated film AAFF 2008]

My Croatian Nose Richard Dinter | Stockholm, Sweden | 13 min

Mates Martin Thoburn | Ann Arbor, MI | 5.5 min

White Out Jeff Scher | Brooklyn, NY | 3 min

The Adventure Mike Brune | Atlanta, GA | 22 min [Tiger award at
Rotterdam 2008]

On the Assassination of the President Adam Keker | San Francisco |
6 min [winner of funniest film AAFF 2008]

Brilliant Noise Semiconductor | Brighton, United Kingdom | 6 min

Energie! Thorsten Fleisch | Berlin, Germany | 5 min [emerging
experimental videomaker award AAFF 2008]

Portrait #2: Trojan Vanessa Renwick | Portland, OR | 5 min


Observando el Cielo Jeanne Liotta | New York, NY | 19 min [Tiger
award Rotterdam 2008]

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.