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Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 22:32:26 PDT

Heading toward the U.S. with the energy and excitement from our festival in Buenos Aires, TIE is announcing the program line-ups of two new TIE restrospectives: Colgate University Edition in upstate NY at the Aurora Picture Show in Texas.

(If a frameworker is interested scheduling a TIE retrospective, please contact us off-list at email suppressed or 303-408-4623)


Retrospective: Colgate University Edition
September 16, 2008
Hamilton Village, NY
TIE Curator, Christopher May, in-person

(Pablo Marin, 2005, 35mm, silent, 2min., 24fps, Argentina)
The film was kept under water until its emulsion started to melt, then removed, tightened up and finally dried directly by the sun. Blocking is a presentation of TIE's Imágenes del fin del mundo program.

Way to Shadow Garden
(Stan Brakhage, 1954, 16mm, sound, 10min., USA)
A wild study of a tortured youth with astonishing moments of brilliance.

A Fall Trip Home
(Nathaniel Dorsky, 1964, 16mm, sound, 11min., USA)
A sad sweet song of youth and death, of boyhood and manhood.

The Crossing
(Timoleon Wilkins, 2007, 16mm, silent, 6min, 20fps, USA)
A cinematic analogue to the uncertain sense of scale that permeates life-changing geographic and spiritual crossings.

Meridian Days
(Trevor Fife, 2003, 16mm, silent, 12min, 24fps, USA)
Meridian Days is a navigational term that refers to the phenomenon of temporally losing or gaining a day when you cross the international dateline.

And We All Shine On
(Michael Robinson, 16mm, sound, 7min, 24fps, USA)
A machine-eyed vision of a post-apocalyptic paradise.

(Dan Baker, 16mm, sound, 6.5min, 24fps, USA)
Heartbeat. Out of a sick morass of reds and yellows, blacks, burns, and direct-to-film scratches arises the (post) post-industrial terror of our collective oil-stained subconscious.

Metaphysical Education
(Thad Povey, 2003, 16mm, sound, 4min, 24fps, USA)
Gravity and the desire to fly battle for a boy’s soul.

Shudder (top and bottom)
(Michael Gitlin, 2001, 16mm, sound, 3min, 24fps, USA)
A throbbing world of lonely danger.

Vom Innen; von Aussen
(Albert Sackl, 2006, 16mm, silent, 20min, 24fps, Austria)
A meditation that encompasses our notions about our bodies and the rules that govern it, both environmental and self-imposed.


Retrospective: The Shivering Eyelash
9/20/08 (8:PM) & 9/21/08 (3:PM)
Aurora Picture Show
800 Aurora St., Houston, Texas
TIE Curator, Christopher May, in-person


X-Ray Film I - The Alimentary System
(Fleisch Archive, 1936, 16mm, silent, 11 min., 22fps, Germany)
This is the first of several of Prof. Robert Janker’s x-ray films. The filmmaker was a pioneer of x-ray cinematography. The film was first featured in a TIE-2005 festival program that showcased educational films that were made during the Third Reich in Germany.

Un Chant D'Amour
(Jean Genet, 1950, 16mm, silent, 23min., 24fps, France)
One of the most memorable avant-garde films ever made, Un Chant D'Amour is also one of the most controversial. Made by the famed writer, Jean Genet, it features uncensored, sensual, jail-house scenes. Two prisoners in complete isolation, separated by the thick brick walls, and desperately in need of human contact, devise a most unusual kind of communication.

(Frans Zwartjes, 1970, 16mm, optical sound, 11min., 24fps, Netherlands)
Hidden safely behind his camera, the photographer can't get enough of what the glamorous model, with her long eye lashes, has to offer him.

The Secret Cinema
(Paul Bartel, 1968, 16mm, optical sound, 30min., 24fps, USA)
The Secret Cinema is a black-comic tale of a woman whose fears that her life is being filmed for the entertainment of her friends turn out to be true. The film presaged the sardonic tone of most of the maker's later work (Eating Raoul), though he would mostly abandon The Secret Cinema's experimental aspects in favor of linear narratives with perverse touches.

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