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From: Caroline Koebel (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 08:10:16 PDT

Hi Andy & All,

I screened the new Fuses print from Anthology at SUNY Buffalo on April 12,
2007, as part of ³April Thursdays of Experimental Film² (thanks to Andrew
L. for enabling this to happen). A digital transfer of the restored Fuses
concurrently screened in looping projected DVD form as part of Carolee¹s
retrospective ³Remains to Be Seen² at CEPA Gallery in Buffalo.

I agree with Andrew (Lampert) that the colors and sharpness of the restored
version are more intense--and this results in the ³added footage²
interpretation. Out of shadowy parts of the former image emerge detail and
clarity. For instance, I remember James Tenney coming to the fore in a
manner unobserved in the earlier version. My take on the ³two Fuses² now
circulating in the world is that it is ideal to actually present both
together. While the new Fuses holds clear attractions, there remains
something incredibly seductive about the ³lostness² of parts of the image of
the old version. Long live Fuses and Fuses.



On 8/31/08 11:41 PM, "andrew lampert" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Andy
> A fast note as I'm on vacation...
> I haven't looked at the Coop site so had not noticed this listing. The "newly
> restored" version does not have added footage. The film is projected at 18fps,
> which may cause some confusion. I will talk to Serra about it when I'm back. 
> Otherwise, the difference is that the new negative was made directly from the
> collage 16mm original. In the 60s, Carolee had trouble printing the movie from
> the spliced, painted reversal original because of it's fragile shape and the
> erotic/pornographic content. A1 lab in NYC (r.i.p.) made a contact reversal
> from the spliced original. Carolee then duped this and step-printed certain
> sections to stretch them out. She made some more reversal prints from this and
> eventually an internegative. So, the old prints were all many generations away
> from the original. We (Anthology) used the spliced original to make the new
> internegative and avoided all those generational steps. By doing so the image
> is sharper and less contrasty while the colors are far more vibrant. The new
> print, which was made in close consultation with Carolee, matches the colors
> and textures of the spliced original much moreso than the softness and
> darkness of previous prints. It really is wonderful.
> A.
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> Hi,
> The FMC now lists two versions of Carolee Schneemann's "Fuses" for rental.
> Along with the original version, there is now a "newly restored version with
> added footage" listed. Has anyone screened this and can you comment on the
> difference from the original version?
> Thanks,
> Andy Ditzler
> Atlanta, GA
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