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A fast note as I'm on vacation...

I haven't looked at the Coop site so had not noticed this listing. The "newly restored" version does not have added footage. The film is projected at 18fps, which may cause some confusion. I will talk to Serra about it when I'm back.

Otherwise, the difference is that the new negative was made directly from the collage 16mm original. In the 60s, Carolee had trouble printing the movie from the spliced, painted reversal original because of it's fragile shape and the erotic/pornographic content. A1 lab in NYC (r.i.p.) made a contact reversal from the spliced original. Carolee then duped this and step-printed certain sections to stretch them out. She made some more reversal prints from this and eventually an internegative. So, the old prints were all many generations away from the original. We (Anthology) used the spliced original to make the new internegative and avoided all those generational steps. By doing so the image is sharper and less contrasty while the colors are far more vibrant. The new print, which was made in close consultation with Carolee, matches the colors and textures of the spliced original much moreso than the softness and darkness of previous prints. It really is


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The FMC now lists two versions of Carolee Schneemann's "Fuses" for rental. Along with the original version, there is now a "newly restored version with added footage" listed. Has anyone screened this and can you comment on the difference from the original version?


Andy Ditzler
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.