Re: The Hand-Processing Questions, Ad Nauseum.

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 14:38:50 PDT


the best solution for your timing problem is simply to use one Lomo
spool but several tanks (any plastic basin will do). Fill up five
basins with the chemicals, and five more with water, and you're good
to go. When you get to 55 seconds just lift the spool out, let it
drip five seconds, and into the next soup. This is how we always do
it L'Abominable using exactly these chemicals; and after the third
bath you can turn the lights on anyway.

If you use replenisher after each roll, the R-10 should stay good if
kept in airtight bottles. We don't use kits but we mix D94, D94-R,
D95, D95-R, R10, R10-R, CB2, CB2R, and F5 from raw chemical powders
and they last months when replenished.


At 15:49 -0500 28/08/08, ben russell wrote:
>1) These processing times are too fast for our LOMO-tank-using
>students and don't allow much room for error (much less changing the
>chemistry). I assume that the D-94A, D-95, and R-10 chemistry is
>meant for lab usage (hence the processing speed), but is there a way
>to adjust these solutions to allow for a bit more time/space? Would
>using D96 or D97 chemistry do this?
>2) The 40 gallons of unmixed bleach comes in powder solutions A and
>B, liquid solution C. My understanding is that reversal bleach is
>best when used immediately and should only be stored mixed for a
>maximum of 2 weeks. Is this correct? Any tips on quick ways to mix
>really dangerous chemicals?

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