The Hand-Processing Questions, Ad Nauseum.

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 13:49:36 PDT


I'm trying to re-vamp a university darkroom for hand-processing, have
recently run into some uncertainty about Chemicals And Their Usage.
 Specifically, I'm hoping to shift from the TMAX100 kits for B/W reversal
processing into bulk chemistry via our dear friends at Kodak (in part
because we've already got 40 gallons of pre-mixed KODAK B&W Reversal Bleach
and Replenisher (R-10) that needs to be used). Students will mainly be
processing TRI-X and PLUS-X reversal film, but the processing times listed
radically at odds with those used with the TMAX kit. ie 8:00 first
developer for the latter, 60 seconds (!) first developer for the latter
(this uses the KODAK B&W Reversal First Developer and Replenisher (D-94A)).

So. My concerns are twofold:

1) These processing times are too fast for our LOMO-tank-using students and
don't allow much room for error (much less changing the chemistry). I
assume that the D-94A, D-95, and R-10 chemistry is meant for lab usage
(hence the processing speed), but is there a way to adjust these solutions
to allow for a bit more time/space? Would using D96 or D97 chemistry do

2) The 40 gallons of unmixed bleach comes in powder solutions A and B,
liquid solution C. My understanding is that reversal bleach is best when
used immediately and should only be stored mixed for a maximum of 2 weeks.
Is this correct? Any tips on quick ways to mix really dangerous chemicals?

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.



PS Also: How many 100' rolls of film can a TMAX kit process before it's

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