This week [August 23 - 31, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat Aug 23 2008 - 18:59:48 PDT

This week [August 23 - 31, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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"Hollywood Blackout (& Two Cambodian Shorts)" by JRosette
"SUSAN HERO [with Public Performance Rights]" by JR

MAGA / Macon Georgia Film Festival (Macon, Georgia USA; Deadline: November 15, 2008)
FLEX, the Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival (Gainesville, Florida, USA; Deadline: October 01, 2008)
Los Angeles as a Character (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline: October 01, 2008)
Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2008)
SoundCast by Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: October 15, 2008)
AMIA Conference (Savannah, Georgia; Deadline: September 14, 2008)
Filminute (international; Deadline: August 20, 2008)
SEE THE VOICE: Visible Verse @ Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver; Deadline: September 01, 2008)
Cleveland International Film Festival (Cleveland, OH USA; Deadline: November 30, 2008)
Horrorfest (UK; Deadline: September 12, 2008)
San Francisco Ocean Film Festival (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: October 31, 2008)

Streaming Festival (The Hague, Netherlands; Deadline: September 01, 2008)
25th Annual Olympia Film Festival CINE-X (Olympia, Washington, USA; Deadline: September 01, 2008)
Josh (London, England; Deadline: September 22, 2008)
Ava Gardner Film Festival (Smithfield, NC, USA; Deadline: September 01, 2008)
Rubric (Denver, CO, USA; Deadline: September 25, 2008)
Ticket Booth video entries at The LAB (San Francisco, CA, USA; Deadline: September 06, 2008)
The Citizen Jane Film Festival (Columbia, MO, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2008)
Daily Constitutional (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2008)
AMIA Conference (Savannah, Georgia; Deadline: September 14, 2008)
SEE THE VOICE: Visible Verse @ Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver; Deadline: September 01, 2008)
Horrorfest (UK; Deadline: September 12, 2008)

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 * Strange Light/Paul Clipson-Jefre Cantu-Ledesma-Jim Haynes [August 23, san Francisco]
 * Andy Warhol's "Eating Too Fast" & "Mario Banana (No. 1)" [August 24, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Tracing the Contours - Recent Sfai Works [August 28, San Francisco, California]
 * Zombies of Eureka [August 29, san Francisco]
 * Sex, Drugs, and Cine [August 30, New York, New York]
 * Freeform Film Festival [August 30, Portland, Oregon]

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san Francisco: Artists Television Access
8pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Saturday, August 23, 2008. 8PM $6-$10 STRANGE LIGHT Paul Clipson-Jefre
  Cantu-Ledesma-Jim Haynes Jim Haynes and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma perform live
  to two new Super 8mm films by S.F. filmmaker Paul Clipson, including
  figurative and abstract footage filmed over the summer in Moscow , St.
  Petersburg and Paris. » More images STRANGE LIGHT Jim Haynes and Jefre
  Cantu-Ledesma perform live to two new Super 8mm films by S.F. filmmaker
  Paul Clipson, including figurative and abstract footage filmed over the
  summer in Moscow , St. Petersburg and Paris. "San Francisco-based
  composer and multimedia installation artist Jim Haynes quite vividly
  describes his methodology as one of "rust"; to rust, that is, as a verb.
  Certainly the sonic equivalents to rust, decay and dereliction are at
  the heart of his sound art...The overall effect might make one think of
  some vast industrial zone slipping slowly into the organic processes of
  a primeval swamp, or of oceans rising slowly and gently in a gray,
  destructive - yet oddly alluring - haze." -Dusted Magazine Jefre
  Cantu-Ledesma is a founding member of the band Tarentel and has been
  releasing long form work using string and wind instruments under his own
  name for the last few years. His work has been described by Aquarius
  records as everything from " stretched out and darkly glistening deep
  resonant tones" to " glowing tongues of distorted flame." Paul Clipson's
  Super 8mm films are shot and largely edited "in-camera", in an
  improvised manner that brings to light subconscious preoccupations in
  the hope of allowing for un-thought, unexpected visual elements to
  reveal themselves. He works in Super 8mm, 16mm and video, often in
  collaboration with experimental music and sound artists, exhibiting his
  work in live performance, screenings and installation.


Chicago, Illinois: White Light Cinema
7:00pm, The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

  White Light Cinema and The Nightingale are pleased to be presenting one
  of the very few public screenings of EATING TOO FAST to date. This is a
  rare opportunity to see Warhol re-interpreting one of his own classic
  films. EATING TOO FAST (1966, 66 mins., 16mm, sound, black and white) by
  Andy Warhol. "EATING TOO FAST, also called BLOW JOB NO. 2, is an ironic
  remake, with sound, of Warhol's 1964 minimalist classic; it is also a
  stunningly beautiful portrait film. Art critic and writer Gregory
  Battcock faces the camera in close-up, determined, it seems, to show
  little response to the sex act taking place below the frame. For most of
  the first reel, there is no camera movement, no dialogue, and little
  perceptible action, until a phone call prompts a humorous downward pan.
  Battcock's animation during this phone conversation is in stark contrast
  to the resignation with which he returns to the tedium of sex. The
  unclimactic second reel contains many pans and other camera movements,
  suggesting that this film may have been intended for double-screen
  projection." (Callie Angell). Preceded by: MARIO BANANA (NO. 1) (1964, 4
  mins., 16mm, silent, color) by Andy Warhol. "Mario Montez, the
  well-known drag performer who also appeared in many Jack Smith films,
  suggestively eats a banana in close-up. MARIO BANANA, which won an award
  at the 1965 Los Angeles Film Festival, is an important precursor to
  HARLOT, in which Montez elaborates on this performance." (Callie
  Angell). Admission: $7.00 - $10.00, sliding scale. For more information
  on The Nightingale, visit


San Francisco, California: New Nothing Cinema
8pm, 16 Sherman St

  NEW NOTHING CINEMA Tracing the Contours Thursday, August 28th 8pm
  -------------------------------------------------------- New
  Nothingpresents nine recent 16mm films from a handful of locally
  trainedexperimentalists. From the stunning night photography of Jeremy
  Menziesto Christina Battle's ray-o-grammatic spider webs, these films
  readbetween lines towards a traversing of spatial boundaries.
  Inversionsof inside and outside and the dynamics of gravitational and
  emotionalpulls are at play in works that trouble the surety of defining
  lines. ------------------------------------------------------------
  InChris Kennedy's 'The Acrobat', the demarcation between grounding
  andascension is upturned in a powerful consideration of
  precariousrelationships to political ideals. Divisions of space
  andpsychological distances disintegrate in the otherworldy landscape
  ofDavid Borengasser and Freda Banks' 'Faces on Mars', while in
  VanessaO'Neill's 'burren' the lines of landscape are subsumed in
  abstracteddepths of darkness and light. Impressions of light and
  personalconnection intersect along fractured diagonals in SEO
  Won-Tae's'SunChild'. The outlines of floral life pulse with internal
  energiesin Laura Zaylea's 'Flower Fall', while Christina Battle's
  'Followingthe Line of The Web' delves into a teeming space between.
  Interiorlines reframe an outside view in Rosario Sotelo's 'Recámara' and
  inJeremy Menzies's 'Between the Lines' an outward gaze finds an
  internalresonance. ---------------------- Featuring films by Christina
  Battle, David Borengasser & Freda Banks, Chris Kennedy, Jeremy Menzies,
  Vanessa O'Neill, Seo Won Tae, Rosario Sotelo & Laura Zaylea
  ---------------------------------------------------------- Program list:
  The Acrobat, Chris Kennedy, 6.5 minutes, sound, 16mm, 2007 Between the
  Lines, Jeremy Menzies, 20 minutes, silent, 16mm, 2008 Faces on Mars,
  David Borengasser & Freda Banks, 7 minutes, sound, 16mm, 2007 burren,
  Vanessa O'Neill, 12.5 minutes, sound, 16mm, 2007 Simultaneous Contrast,
  Chris Kennedy, 6 minutes, silent, 16mm, 2007 Recámara, Rosario Sotelo, 3
  minutes (18 fps), silent, 16mm, 2007 Sun Child, SEO Won-Tae, 4 minutes,
  silent, 16mm, 2007 Flower Fall, Laura Zaylea, 4.5 minutes, silent, 16mm,
  2007 Following the Line of the Web, Christina Battle, 4 minutes, silent,
  16mm, 2004 RT: 67.5 minutes
  ------------------------------------------------ New Nothing Cinema 16
  Sherman St. off Folsom between 6th and 7th


san Francisco: Artists Television Access
8pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Friday, August 29, 2008. 8PM $6 ZOMBIES OF EUREKA Directed by Jon Olsen
  (in person) Taking advantage of Humboldt County's dynamic local music
  scene, filmmaker Jon Olsen spent two and a half years shooting music
  videos for indie rock bands in the remote northern town of Eureka,
  California. The fifteen completed videos have one thing in common:
  zombies! With a thin narrative premise loosely based on actual events
  (the unaccountable disappearance of uranium fuel rods from Humboldt
  County's deactivated nuclear power plant) the videos in Zombies of
  Eureka combine, Voltron-style, into an epically low-fi apocalyptic
  musical motion-picture event. In fact, Zombies of Eureka may just be THE
  underground musical motion-picture event of the year. Featured bands
  include The Ian Fays (recently transplanted to the San Francisco music
  scene), The Invasions, The Buffy Swayze, The Monster Women, Dynamite
  Sweater, The Ravens, The Professional Superheroes, and Von Richter. Also
  playing: A.D.D. Generation, Directed by Von Richter A.D.D. Generation is
  a gleefully subversive aggregate of video absurdity lampooning a
  plethora of cultural chestnuts and fads, including religion, YouTube,
  hippies, and the recent tiger attacks at the San Francisco Zoo.


New York, New York: Film-Makers' Cooperative
8:00 pm, 21 Clinton Street

  This event marks the first collaboration between The Living Theatre and
  The New York Film-makers' Cooperative. The films screening are: Flaming
  Creatures (1963), directed by Jack Smith, running time 45 min. Peyote
  Queen (1965), directed by Storm de Hirsch, running time 9 min. Hold Me
  While I'm Naked (1966), directed by George Kuchar, running time 15 min.
  The Deadman (1989), directed by Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn, running
  time 40 min. Double Your Pleasure (2002), directed by M.M. Serra,
  running time 4 min. In Person: A ONCE in a lifetime event!!! Jonas Mekas
  (filmmaker, writer, curator, and founder of both the Film-makers'
  Cooperative and Anthology Film Archives) and Judith Malina (actor,
  writer, director, and cofounder of the Living Theatre) will be present
  for Q&A following the screening of Flaming Creatures. Admission: $12
  Proceeds benefit the New York Film-Makers' Cooperative.

Portland, Oregon: FreeForm Film Festival
7pm, 5135 NE 42nd Ave. Portland, OR. 97218

  8/30/08 PDX screening of the 2008 FreeForm Film Festival @ Rererato! The
  FreeForm Film Festival is coming to PDX! The ever traveling screening
  series hasn't been through our little slice of the NW since 2005, for
  this year's screening they've brought a shiny new bag of tricks with
  them and we're very excited to welcome them back! THIS WILL BE AN ALL
  AGES SHOW. When and Where: Saturday, August 30th 7pm @ Rererato 5135 NE
  42nd Portland 97218 Cost: Suggested 5.00 donation About the FreeForm
  Film Festival: The Free Form Film Festival (FFFF) is a traveling
  festival of film and music created by loaf-i productions and inner
  mission productions. Events include, shorts and features across all
  genres, live music and multimedia performance, and installation. We are
  a continuously touring festival without beginnings or endings. In other
  words, we do it here and there, whenever and wherever possible. Program
  features new works by: Tyrone Davies, Ryan Wylie, Chad Gooch, Van
  Mcelwee, Johnny Rogers, Animal Charm, Elizabeth Henry and more!
  Additional info: The Portland screening of the FreeForm Film Festival is
  being organized and presented by Karl Lind, curator of the Odds and Ends
  Screening series, and is gratefully being hosted by the very lovely
  Rererato artspace in NE Portland Contact info for PDX FFFF show: Karl
  Lind P. 503.407.3161 E. email suppressed Rererato
  E. email suppressed View Larger Map

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