FAF, what funders really propose.

From: Beverly O'Neill (by way of Pip Chodorov) (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 21 2008 - 01:44:44 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,

Several years ago the Irvine Foundation which is based in California
wrote this document to outline their view of alternative arts
organizations and the future of funding them.
At the time it generated significant controversy and critical
feedback. Whether or not that has had any effect on their funding
mission god only knows. In this summary they position the arts
within the larger sphere of industrially based media and propose a
Darwinian economic model for independent arts organizations. This
report mirrors many of the Framwork postings which targeted the real
financial/technical/aesthetic reasons that sank FAF. If you have the
time this is worth the reading. It comes from the horse's mouth
Beverly O'Neill


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