From: Brandon Walley (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 20 2008 - 13:17:16 PDT

> Working means doing the craft. I can't name any institution, because there
> aren't any-- that's my point. They're all about networking, and "archives"
> and a culture-vulture mentality that sits around and does its "connoisseur"
> thing.

The Detroit Film Center, for one, is still "working" as is Echo and others
as Rick mentioned. Being a former Director of DFC, I think the root is at
the lack of funding for the arts through state and national government
funding which in turn has made it all the more competitive for already
shrinking non-profit grant opportunities. With that said, I have also
witnessed the down side of slick corporate types steering an org away from
it's original mission.
DFC has been forced to respond by cutting back substantially by suspending,
for the most part, it's programing and educational outreach. But instead of
going the "networking" route, all that remains is the work of it's co-op
beginnings from 15 years ago. Still offering a full line of 16mm film
equipment, from flat-beds to cameras, video, computer editing lab, and a
creative environment to work in. As stated earlier in the thread, these
creative centers desperately need your support in any way possible. Lament
the fallen, but learn from it and help it not to happen again!

Brandon Walley
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> And no slag on secretaries, but archivists aren't secretaries. Like
> secretaries, though, we don't get much respect until someone needs footage.
> Rick
> Of course. I just don't understand the purpose of FAF if they're getting
> rid of the film equipment. These kind of re-organizations always end up
> turning into boutique spots for the dilettantes. I've seen it so many times.
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