Re: Film Arts Foundation debacle

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 19 2008 - 16:21:10 PDT

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I can't explain it (because I don't know) but it is incorrect to assume (in
this case) that incompetent artists sank FAF. Indeed it was founded by
artists in the mid-70s but it has long been under the leadership of people of
solidly administrative minds (staff and board); no way did artists "take it over."

I agree- I certainly don't blame the artists or craftsman, who were the sole
reason why FAF was started in the first place. I think it's cynical for
anyone to blame the "artists" for being inept. That's always the pretext for a
No, this is the kind of thing that happens nowadays. It's a racket. The
culture vulture mediocrities always end up taking over and ruining things-- you
see this all the time with college radio stations-- the bureaucrat-money
minded run in to 'save' a cool thing, and end up dismantling it somehow, usually
Some of them get "fees" for this destruction, too. And it makes them feel
cool, -- just like the "artists." They're arty, too.
FAF was neat because it was artist-craftsman oriented. But clearly, the
archivists, the scholar squirrels, and the business types glommed onto it for
their own purposes, and eliminated its raison d'etre. Sad sad sad.
But hey, that FAF archive that's been built up over the many years-- maybe
they can market it!... to save it! Plainly, that's what this is all-- and
always is-- about.

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