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From: ben d (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 02 2008 - 20:49:36 PDT

Christina Battle and I were trying some experiments this Spring and will be working on building some prototypes out of spare steenbeck and movieola parts to handle more film than the effective but sloppy devices I've built in the past. When everything is done with the move chaos (almost there) and the build on the new LIFT space we'll get back to work on it and post the results with the LIFT rental rates.

If anyone has any advice let me know. We're aiming for adjustable 16mm or 35mm units with a 1200 foot capacity.



Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2008 13:22:56 +0100
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Subject: Re: 16mm loop projector
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David Leister in London also has Elf motorised ones. They are more complicated than the others mentioned here, but they work well and hold at least twenty minutes of film.
Nicky Hamlyn.

On 1 Aug 2008, at 19:13, Pip Chodorov wrote:It depends on the length of your film and the brand of projector. For short loops (under 10 minutes), lab in London makes them for Elf projectors, and Frank Bode in Berlin for Eiki. For 10-15 minute films, and for any projector, 2M in Amsterdam, for 15-30 minutes, L'Abominable has been making some, and for films up to an hour, Robert's is the best. I have come across other quirky models, motorized loopers etc.
A couple of years ago, when founding the Film Gallery, I started acquiring loopers and projectors and now rent them out and provide maintenance, mostly in France but also has far as New York and Beijing... There are a dozen shows a year in Paris alone using loopers, in galleries but also in major museums and art fairs.

At 13:43 -0400 1/08/08, Raha Raissnia wrote:hi
can anyone tell me where one can either rent , buy, have made, either the loop device for a 16mm film projector or else the whole thing ( loop device with the projector)
i know about Robert film, but is there any where else in our world ?
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