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From: Shumona Goel Future East (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 12:38:36 PDT

I got one from Karen Mirza and Brad Butler at No.where in London. They make them and they are relatively affordable.
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    At 13:43 -0400 1/08/08, Raha Raissnia wrote:
      can anyone tell me where one can either rent , buy, have made, either the loop device for a 16mm film projector or else the whole thing ( loop device with the projector)
      i know about Robert film, but is there any where else in our world ?

  I don't know if you have an issue with Robert Film Services (RFS), but I spotted one of their loopers at a Christopher Buckingham
  installation at the Henry in Seattle last week. Really well designed, and mounted on top of an Eiki SNT, a machine I would not assume would work well for a looper, but all appeared to be running smoothly. The design is very simple, but might be costly if having one made for the first time, esp by someone without experience designing and building one.


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