From: Val Zchest (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jul 30 2008 - 07:49:23 PDT

Phase IV (Saul Bass, 1974)
Them! (Gordon Douglas, 1954) based on the book by HG Wells
Empire of the Ants (Bert I. Gordon, 1977) also based on the book by HG Wells
Mac Guyver: Trumbo's World (Lee H. Katzin, Donald Petrie 1985 TV)
The Swarm (Irwin Allen, 1978)
Ants! - It Happened at Lakewood Manor (Robert Scheerer, 1977 TV)
Attack of the Giant Killer Leeches (Bernard L. Kowalski, 1959)
Tremors (Roy Underwood, 1990)
Antz (Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson 1998)

Ant fact: If ants were the size of humans, they would be the dominant
culture within one year

All best

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