Re: looking for super-8 camera in NYC

From: Roger Beebe (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 17 2008 - 09:40:17 PDT

For those looking for good deals on super 8 camers, I'd try nosing
around the super 8 wiki for a while:

There are so many camera models, that if you're willing to stray from
the Canon/Nizo/Beaulieu path, you can find some really great cameras
with lots of features for pretty cheap. It does take some time to
sort through, but I've found it a pretty nice alternative to spending
hundreds of dollars on Canon 1014 or whatever.


On Jul 16, 2008, at 6:52 PM, Jim Carlile wrote:

> To continue the R8-S8 discussion.
> I love both formats. With super 8 nowadays it's possible to spend
> mucho money and not get the greatest results. For someone starting
> out I'd avoid the $300 Nizos or Canons and get something really
> cheap and functional-- like a Kodak M2 or M4 (no other Kodaks..
> they fall apart.)
> Or try out the easily-found Minolta or Elmo sound cameras-- $30 and
> you'll get a good one. You don't even need a projector-- a good
> transfer will suffice. Same with editing.
> The problem with the big cameras is that they are overcomplicated
> and never worked that great to begin with-- early digital
> technology combined with late 70s production methods can equal a
> big mess, unless they were set up right. And over the years many of
> these cameras have been fooled around with by tinkerers.
> If you look around, S8 can be just as cheap and easy as R8. Maybe
> it's time for a budget 8 wiki article....Sometimes I'm amazed how
> much money is getting spent on this stuff.
> Again, back to the topic, if you're looking for a quick-fix source
> for S8 cameras in NYC, then George Gal at DuAll is your best bet.
> He's basically a 16/35 guy who also sells the better smaller gauge
> stuff. But it's not budget.
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