Re: looking for super-8 camera in NYC

From: D. Mark Andrews (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 15 2008 - 21:20:06 PDT

I agree with you that the advantages of R8 can be obtained with S8, but NOT
for the same total cost of ownership. My simple Bolex B8L setup includes two
perfectly working cameras, 3 lenses, full set of filters, pistol grip, and
cable release. Throw in a my first 8mm projector with take up spool, and
Mansfield R8 editor. Total cost with shipping charges = about $100. This is
a good deal for someone wanting to get into experimental filmmaking. A
similar setup would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for S8.

The problems I had with S8 were primarily with the equipment. There is a lot
of equipment around, but much of it is in really bad shape. Much of it is
from the 60s and 70s and mass produced, much of it cheaply. It's old, it
breaks. Compare that to stuff from the 50s, tanks I tell you--the cameras,
the projectors, much of it still working like the day it was sold.

I know what you mean brother about the heat from some old projectors. My two
teenage kids join me once a month at the Alameda Antiques Fair where we
usually leave with 5-50 reels of 8mm home movies. We take them back to my
studio and I project them. A couple of weeks ago when we did this I came
back into the room to find my son holding his burrito over the lamp vent--it
was fully heated :-)

16mm you say. I'm really trying to get the 8mm craft down. Still working out
kinks with hand processing and still can't figure out how to easily split
8mm film so I'm going to keep it at this scale for now. BUT, I did pick up a
Kodak Model K 16mm at the said antiques fair. Two lenses, 3 filters, and
even the little key to lock the case for a whopping $20.
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    I've been hesitating to respond to this post since I'm afraid I'll just
get into rant mode, so let me say calmly: friends don't let friends buy
super-8 cameras, they encourage them to buy regular-8 cameras. Super 8
  No doubt R8 is great and underrated. But most of the advantages you give
to R8 can be attained just as easily by super 8. Some things-- like
filtration-- are actually harder in R8 because the filter sizes for those
lenses are small and odd sized (like series IV)- and expensive to find used
and battered, impossible to find new.

  What problems did you have with super 8? I agree, the little Bolexes are
incredibly cool and well made. But if you like spool feed, why not go up to
16mm and a little Bell and Howell 240?

  One thing about R8 projectors-- they are older and light output isn't as
good. Most are hot-lamped and expensive to run.


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