Re: Re-Using Mini Dv Tapes

From: Bernd Luetzeler (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 28 2008 - 00:40:09 PDT

I think 20 uses are not enough at all. I guess you can get the same
effect by putting dust on your tape or crumpling it. But that will
surely spoil your video head too.
But in any case you will get pixelated effects with dropouts on
digital tape. They will look similar to what you see when you fast
Analogue drop outs on VHS are much more interesting I would say.

Am 28.06.2008 um 01:46 schrieb David Tetzlaff:

> I'm not an engineer, but just based on experience...
>> I've read about drop out and image bleeding (both which interest
>> me) is it safe to say this would happen after something like 20 uses?
> No, unless it's pretty crappy tape.
>> I've also read that multiple uses of a tape is not good for the
>> heads of a camera, could this damage a camera permanently?
> Drop-outs mean oxide is coming off the tape. The more oxide off the
> tape, the more inside the VCR to act like goop and/or abrasive and
> gum-up or add wear to the heads. So, if you're trying to generate
> drop-outs, use a cleaning tape after every few passes. If you're
> trying to generate wear on a DV tape, you might want to search the
> used camcorder listings on eBay for one that has a broken camera
> section but a still-functioning VCR section. Camcorders broken the
> other way (imager OK, transport dead) are more common, but the VCR-
> ok ones show up often enough and can be had for less than $50 -- a
> much better idea than trying to distress tape in your 'A' camcorder...
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