Hermitage presents Nathaniel Dorsky - Hours For Jerome Part 1&2 : Saturday Outdoor film screening

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Subject: Hermitage presents: Saturday Outdoor film screening

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Hermitage 12 Tioronda Ave Beacon, NY 12508
Outdoor Film Screening

 Saturday June 21




Nathaniel Dorsky - Hours For Jerome Part 1&2

This film was shot between 1966-1970 and edited over a two year period
ending in July 1982. Hours For Jerome (as in a Book of Hours) is an
arrangement of images, energies, and illuminations from daily life. These
fragments of light revolve around the four seasons. Part One is spring
through summer. Part Two is fall and winter.

16mm color. 45 minutes.


We will be screening this film outside Hermitage behind the silos and right
alongside the railroad track. The film will begin at full dark, so please
arrive by 9 O'clock. This film is a rare treat and has been out of
circulation and experimental film programs for some time. Don't miss this
opportunity to view this beautiful film by a world renowned film maker
working in silent film projected at silent speed projection. (18 frames per
second vs. sound speed at 24 frames per second).



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12 Tioronda Ave. Beacon, NY 12508
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