Re: UbuWeb, High Beam, Millennium Film Journal

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 20 2008 - 06:11:55 PDT

Yes, the copyright holders should write to them and ask them to cease and decist. If you are not the copyright holder you could possibly contact the holders and arrange to write to them on behalf of the holders. It is an infringement of copyright.

It might be worth considering releasing the articles in future under a creative commons license that allows people to copy the work but that stops people from charging for it.

This kind of thing is exactly the reason that copyright is so important.



> I recently found that our articles are being offered for
> sale on-line:
> It is the counterpoint to the Ubuweb problem. This outfit,
> High Beam,
> is selling what we are trying to give away. Does anybody
> have any
> ideas what we should do about this?
> Grahame Weinbren
> Editor
> Millennium Film Journal


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