Re: UbuWeb: Bad for Business!

From: Wesley Smith (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2008 - 10:59:27 PDT

I've been enjoying reading this thread. I have to say that I feel a
large chunk of experimental cinema is difficult to get access to, but
his is just my personal experience. It's really a shame and slows
down artistic progress. Anyway, what no one has mentioned so far is
the digitization of movie theaters in relation to expanding the
audience of this kind of work. A lot of movie houses are getting 2K
and 4K projectors as Hollywood goes digital and stereoscopic. The
quality is extremely high, so I wonder if groups like Canyon Cinema
wouldn't consider digitizing their catalog for these kinds of venues.
If the cost of transporting a film is low (as it would be in digital
film) then these kinds of venues can have more one-off screenings of
experimental film as it will be more practical and cost-effective.

just my 2p,

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