X-Rayed film

From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 14 2008 - 04:53:16 PDT

Hello all,

  I recently had to take two rolls of Tri-X and two rolls of Ektachrome
(both of the most recently available stock, super8) through *two* x-ray
machines while coming to Turkey, without anticipation and despite much
arguing. I understand the effect is cumulative; yet I was wondering if
anyone had any further experience with the matter. I don't mind if the film
looks a certain way because of it; yet am wondering if anything will come
out at all.

  I did ask what the level of the X-Ray was set at, if there was any sort of
specification they could give me regarding the power of the machine, so I
could ask around about it later, but they righteously just told me "Oh,
nothing will happen if it's under 800 ASA", which is only for still film...

 I assume something will come out, but just wanted to make sure. Any
experience? I read through the X-ray emails that have been posted before,
and also Kodak's webpage on the matter...


-ekrem serdar
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