Re: for visitors to NYC

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 07 2008 - 10:01:08 PDT

It seems the creators of UBUweb are eminently reachable / liable.
They all have jobs and titles with real-life locations.

Includes the motto:

"Let's face it, if we had to get permission from everyone on UbuWeb,
there would be no UbuWeb."

Not anywhere near as slippery as The Pirate Bay, for instance, which
shelters behind Swedish law and doesn't make any copyright material
directly available (only hashes and pointer files on TPB, not whole



Editor Aspen Magazine
Andrew Stafford

Editor Anthology of Conceptual Writing
Craig Dworkin

Editor Ethonopoetics
Jerome Rothenberg

Curator Film & Video

Editor Sound
Kenneth Goldsmith

Editor /ubu Editions
Danny Snelson

Curator 365 Days Project
Otis Fodder

Kenneth Goldsmith


Sandy Baldwin
University of West Virginia, Center For Literary Computing

Charles Bernstein
University of Pennsylvania, PennSound

Al Filreis
University of Pennsylvania, PennSound

Loss Pequeño Glazier
University of Buffalo / Electronic Poetry Center

Kenneth Goldsmith
University of Pennsylvania / UbuWeb

Andrew Lampert
Anthology Film Archives

Marjorie Perloff
Stanford University

Darren Wershler-Henry
York Univeristy / Artmob

What is your policy concerning posting copyrighted material?
If it's out of print, we feel it's fair game. Or if something is in
print, yet absurdly priced or insanely hard to procure, we'll take a
chance on it. But if it's in print and available to all, we won't
touch it. The last thing we'd want to do is to take the meager amount
of money out of the pockets of those releasing generally poorly-
selling materials of the avant-garde. UbuWeb functions as a
distribution center for hard-to-find, out-of-print and obscure
materials, transferred digitally to the web. Our scanning, say, an
historical concrete poem in no way detracts from the physical value
of that object in the real world; in fact, it probably enhances it.
Either way, we don't care: Ebay is full of wonderful physical
artifacts, most of them worth a lot of money.

Should something return to print, we will remove it from our site
immediately. Also, should an artist find their material posted on
UbuWeb without permission and wants it removed, please let us know.
However, most of the time, we find artists are thrilled to find their
work cared for and displayed in a sympathetic context. As always, we
welcome more work from existing artists on site.

Let's face it, if we had to get permission from everyone on UbuWeb,
there would be no UbuWeb.

* * * * * *


On 7-Jun-08, at 1:22 AM, Beverly O'Neill wrote:

> When we were kids, Brakhage worked as the Coronet's projectionist
> during his L.A. chapter.
> Interesting that you viewed both Frampton and Kubelka's work on
> Ubuweb and you found that Zorn's Lemma maintained its integrity
> while Unsere seemed diminished. The UBU problem... so complicated
> since Kenneth Goldsmith who runs the site doesn't ask artists for
> permission to show their work. He simply uploads it and waits to
> see if an official request gets made to remove the film from the
> site. UBU streams a significant number of pieces this way, without
> any approval. Unfortunately on many college campuses budget
> reductions have forced faculty to cut back on film rentals from the
> co-ops, (Canyon, N.Y. Filmmakers, et. al.) so that many are using
> UBU in lieu of showing the real thing. The co-ops annual budgets
> are undercut by the over-use and dependence upon UBU. Filmmakers
> have a 50% share arrangement with the co-ops and that's in jeopardy
> since UBU feels entitled to take pieces, some of them lengthy,
> expensively made, famous, without providing any compensation. When
> Kubelka asked UBU to remove Unsere Afrikareisse Goldsmith placed
> him in the site's hall of shame, along with Bruce Conner, Tony
> Conrad, Oscar Fischinger, and Jordan Belson among others who not
> only didn't want their copyright enfringed band the co-ops to
> suffer as well.
> Any insights about the workings of UBU would be very much appreciated.
> Beverly O'Neill
> On Jun 5, 2008, at 5:30 AM, Fred Davidson wrote:

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.