This week [June 7 - 15, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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This week [June 7 - 15, 2008] in avant garde cinema

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New publication: Eyes Upside Down by P. Adams Sitney

"the Rest of the World" by cassandra tribe
"Чернота (Black)" by Ryan Ohlemeier

Northwest Film Forum
University of Missouri-Kansas City

VolcanoFilmFest (Catania, Sicily, Italy; Deadline: June 15, 2008)
Dallas Video Festival/Video art at conduit (Dallas Texas USA; Deadline: June 06, 2008)
AURORA (Norwich, Norfolk, UK; Deadline: June 27, 2008)
Angelus Student Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline: July 01, 2008)
Detroit Docs International Film Festival (Detroit, MI; Deadline: July 15, 2008)
ICE - Iowa City Experimental (Iowa City, IA 52240; Deadline: August 15, 2008)

Coney Island Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY; Deadline: July 03, 2008)
ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival (Berlin, Germany; Deadline: June 16, 2008)
abstracta, international abstract cinema exhibition (roma, italy; Deadline: June 30, 2008)
imagine art after (London, United Kingdom; Deadline: July 01, 2008)
Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival (Milwaukee, WI, USA; Deadline: June 15, 2008)
SYDNEY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL (Sydney, NSW, Australia; Deadline: June 27, 2008)
Arrivano i Corti (italy; Deadline: June 20, 2008)
VolcanoFilmFest (Catania, Sicily, Italy; Deadline: June 15, 2008)
Daily Con Issue #7 (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: June 15, 2008)
Daily Con SoundCast (Richmond, VA, USA; Deadline: June 21, 2008)
London Film Festival (London; Deadline: June 27, 2008)
MilkBar Live Film Festival 2008 (Oakland, CA USA; Deadline: June 16, 2008)
AURORA (Norwich, Norfolk, UK; Deadline: June 27, 2008)
Angelus Student Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline: July 01, 2008)

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 * Heather's Short Shorts: A Blast From the Past! vintage 16mm Commercials
    + Other Rare Tv Clips [June 7, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Cinema Jou Jou iii [June 7, Denver, CO]
 * Carbuncle Back By Popular Demand [June 7, Echo Park]
 * Carbuncle Screening [June 7, Echo Park]
 * Into view [June 7, London, England]
 * Films By Robert Todd [June 7, New York, New York]
 * Pfvac 007: Acts and Actions [June 7, Portland, Maine]
 * Filmforum Presents "Tearoom," A Document Presented By William E. Jones [June 8, Los Angeles, California]
 * Zwischen | Stadt | Raum ... In-Between-City-Space [June 9, Weimar, Germany]
 * Into view - A Two Programme Dialogue [June 10, Berlin, Germany]
 * No Idle Hands [June 10, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Mary Jane Is Not A virgin Anymore, 30's Bathtub Tub Erotica W/Audience
    Pornticipation [June 10, jacksonville]
 * Jan Sikl - Private Century Double Bill [June 13, London, England]
 * Tony Conrad: Flicker and Process Films [June 13, London, England]
 * Dyke Delicious Series 5: Season Finale Surprise! [June 14, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Tony Conrad: Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective [June 14, London, England]
 * Tony Takes On video: Who's Watching Who ? [June 14, London, England]
 * Tony Conrad In Conversation + Dreaminimalist [June 15, London, England]
 * Filmforum Presents A Tribute To the Creative Film Society [June 15, Los Angeles, California]

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Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00 pm, 5243 N. Clark St.

  Curated and Hosted by Heather McAdams "I have always wanted to project
  an entire reel of my 16mm Television commercials non-stop on one big
  reel and I finally I get to do just that! I love the concept of
  projecting these TV ads on a big screen and completely out of context.
  No longer on a tiny TV set in your home, these now-dated ads take on a
  different life and are surreal, interesting, hilarious and even
  educational as they become strangely transparent in their attempts to
  push their products on children and smokers. Included in tonight's
  thrilling program will be a variety of toy, doll, and cigarette
  commercials including: Candy Fashion Doll, Carter's Little Pills, Mad
  Cap Molly, Baby Know It All, Rudy the Robot, Close n Play, Big Burger
  Grill, Sea Wees, Amsco's Magic Bottle, Honey Comb Cereal, Sugar Pops,
  Quisp, Ultra Brite, KFC, Noxema (w/ Joe Namath), Borax (w/ Ronald
  Reagan), Dodge Car (w/ the Lennon Sisters), Cover Girl (w/ a young Cybil
  Sheperd), Diet Pepsi, Give A Show Projector, Spiderman Webmaker, Kool,
  Winston + Pall Mall Cigarettes, Grape Nuts (w/ Euell Gibbons) just to
  name a few! Also included will be sexy Ricky Nelson singing (the legend
  James Burton on guitar) from the Ozzie + Harriet TV Show, a Lennon
  Sisters song clipped from The Lawrence Welk Show, a Ted Mack's Amateur
  Hour act + lots more! Bring your friends, your pillow and settle in for
  a wacky nostalgic evening of great shorts ... when Television was more
  fun, funny + funky!" –Heather McAdams Curator Heather McAdams and her
  always-entertaining husband Chris Ligon will be present to introduce the
  show and answer any of your questions.

Denver, CO: TIE, The International Experimental Cinema Exposition
6:00PM, 1615 California Street, 5th Floor

  On June 7th, 2008 (Six-Midnight), The Dikeou Collection (Denver,
  Colorado) hosts Cinema Jou Jou III, a benefit for TIE, The International
  Experimental Cinema Exposition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The
  exquisiteness includes 16mm/Super-8 films, live music, a cake-walk and
  more. This is a great opportunity to give to one of the most interesting
  and ambitious, internationally recognized arts charities of the past
  decade. (Bring your checkbook!) Join other creative minds for this
  intense evening.

Echo Park: Echo Park Film Center
8:00 PM, 1200 N. Alvarado Street (@ Sunset Blvd)

  Due to the sold out screenings and overwhelmingly positive response to
  CARBUNCLE at the Echo Park Film Center, 6 more screenings have been
  added: FRIDAY, MAY 2 at 8pm (Sponsored by Rachel Cottam) SATURDAY, MAY 3
  at 8pm (Sponsored by Alison Cardoso) FRIDAY, MAY 9 at 8pm (Sponsored by
  Jamie Garza) SATURDAY, MAY 10 at 8pm (Sponsored by Sharon & Anthony
  Garza) FRIDAY, JUNE 6 at 8pm (Sponsored by Jim Eshom) SATURDAY, JUNE 7
  at 8:00pm (Sponsored by Kent Hatch) Echo Park Film Center 1200 N.
  Alvarado Street (@ Sunset Blvd) Los Angeles, CA 90026
  www.echoparkfilmcen Suggested Donation: $7 CARBUNCLE, a mobile
  home drama with a disabling sense of humor, concerns a director with
  Asperger's Syndrome making a movie about a mentally challenged woman who
  is manipulated by her alcoholic social worker. ***SPONSOR A SCREENING!**
  * For $150 you can sponsor a screening of CARBUNCLE. All net profits
  (after you've recouped your initial $150 from box office receipts) will
  be split 50/50 between you and Misfit Films, Inc. ***Check out video of
  the director and cast during the Q&A session after the North American
  Premiere of CARBUNCLE: www.carbuncleMOVIE. com*** www.carbuncleMOVIE.
  com www.misfitFILMS. com

Echo Park: Echo Park Film Center
8:00 PM, 1200 N. Alvarado Street (@ Sunset Blvd)

  See June 6th Event.

London, England: Goethe-Institut London
4.30pm, Goethe-Institut London, 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH

  Ute Aurand (Berlin) and Peter Todd (London) will present Into View, a
  two-programme film dialogue, at the Goethe-Institut London on Saturday
  7th June. Each taking the other's work as a point of departure, they
  have created highly evocative programmes relating their own work to
  rarely screened films by artists such as Robert Beavers, Stan Brakhage,
  Storm De Hirsch, Marie Menken, Hans Richter, Annabel Nicolson, and
  Margaret Tait. Both artist filmmakers as well as curators, Ute Aurand
  and Peter Todd have been involved in an ongoing exchange about film.
  Into View is their record of this dialogue for which they selected films
  by the other and combined them with works from collections in their
  respective home cities, LUX in London and The Friends of the German
  Kinemathek (FDK) in Berlin. The process of selection is both an
  exploration of themes and a reflection on each other's work and practice
  in the context of older and more recent artists films. For both
  filmmakers the experimental approaches developed in the 1960s have been
  influential. Ute Aurand, who's film In die Erde gebaut (Building Under
  Ground) (Germany 2008) was screened as part of Forum Expanded at this
  year's Berlin Film Festival, and who organised the famous 'Filmsamstag'
  screenings, will present work from The Friends of the German Kinemathek
  (FDK) collection in Berlin. Peter Todd, who's work includes the Margaret
  Tait international touring programme for LUX and the Basement Basement
  programme for the Rotterdam Film Festival 2008, will present work from
  LUX collections in London. The event takes place as part of All Power to
  the Imagination! 1968 at Its Legacies. Programme Details London – Berlin
  curated by Peter Todd. Ute Aurand (in collaboration with Ulrike
  Pfeiffer: Umweg (Detour). FRG 1982, 16mm, 13mins. Jenny Okun: Clouds. UK
  1975, 16mm, 3mins, silent. Stan Brakhage: Wonder Ring. USA 1955, 16mm,
  6mins, silent. Storm De Hirsch: Divinations. USA 1964, 16mm, 6mins,
  sound. Ute Aurand: Paul Celan liest (Paul Celan Reads). FRG 1985, 16mm,
  5mins, sound. Margaret Tait: The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo.
  Scotland 1955, 16mm, 7mins, sound. Annabel Nicolson: To The Dairy. UK
  1975, 16mm, 4mins, silent. Jonas Mekas (photographed by Jonas Mekas and
  Gregory Markopoulos): Award Ceremony to Andy Warhol. USA 1964, 16mm,
  12mins, sound. Ute Aurand (in collaboration with Bärbel Freund): Für
  Frau Förster. Germany 2002, 3mins. Total length: 59 mins. Berlin –
  London curated by Ute Aurand Peter Todd: For You. UK 2000, 16mm,
  2.5mins, silent. Barry Gerson: Beaded Light – Dissolving – Beyond. USA
  1970, 16mm, 8mins, silent. Hans Richter: Filmstudie III. Germany 1926,
  16mm, 4mins, silent. Marie Menken: Moonplay. USA 1961, 16mm, 4.5mins,
  silent. Renate Sami: Wenn du eine Rose siehst. Germany 1995, 16mm,
  4.5mins, sound. Peter Todd: An Office Worker Thinks of Their Love, and
  Home, UK 2003, 16mm, 3.5mins, silent. Bruce Conner: Take the 5:10 to
  Dreamland. USA 1975, 16mm, 5mins. Peter Todd: Where You Had Been. UK
  2005, 16mm, 3.5mins, silent. Anita Thacher: One Art. USA 1987, 16mm,
  1min. Robert Beavers: 3 Early Monthly Segments. 1968/2000, 35mm, 3mins,
  silent. Marie Menken: Arabesque for Kenneth Anger. USA 1961, 16mm,
  4mins. Jeannette Muñoz: Envíos. CH/Chile, 16mm, 6mins, silent. Theo
  Thiesmeier: My Line. Germany 2000, 16mm, 3mins. Total lengths: 53mins.
  The programmes will also be shown at the Kino Arsenal Berlin on Tuesday
  10 June 2008. TICKETS: £5

New York, New York: Millennium Film Workshop

  EVERGREEN (15 min.-2005), QUALITIES OF STONE (11 min.-2006), RING (12
  min.-2007), SPIRIT HOUSE (11 min.-2008) and other works to be announced.
  Robert Todd, who has worked mostly in 16mm, will be having his first
  one-person program at Millennium. On RING - "A menagerie of the
  nearby-currents through and around the secret darkness within and about
  us. The shifting depths move toward a shadow-ripened luminous clarity."
  - R.T. On Spirit House - "A tale of 2 passages within the Spirit House.
  This is the first in a series that looks at the places we find our
  spiritual presence augmented, inflamed, or simply acknowledged." - R.T.
  "Robert Todd has been making short films in the Boston area since 1990.
  His visually stunning body of work, not easily defined or categorized,
  comes from a deeply personal place, which is quiet, thoughtful, and
  curious. The films take a variety of poetic approaches to looking at the
  personal, political, and social ways in which we choose to live." -

Portland, Maine: Portland Film + Video Artists Collective
7:30 pm, Zero Station, 222 Anderson Street

  The Portland Film + Video Artists Collective presents 007: Acts and
  Actions on Saturday, June 7, 2008, at Zero Station, 222 Anderson Street,
  Portland, Maine. Reception with the curators begins at 7:30 pm.
  Screening begins at 8 pm. Running time is approximately 55 minutes, with
  an intermission. Refreshments will be available. A $3 donation is
  appreciated. 007: Acts and Actions continues the Collective's mission to
  enrich and advance understanding of our mediated environment. Each of
  the selected works explores moving image duration with daring, skill,
  and innovation. Through this presentation and the accompanying
  illustrated catalogue, PFVAC seeks to generate dialogue on our
  experience of images in time. Thirteen diverse works were chosen from
  over seventy entries. Selected artists include: Heather Elliott-Famularo
  and Murray McKay (Toledo, Ohio), Kyra Garrigue (Troy, New York), Ginelle
  Hustrulid (San Francisco), Peter HappelChristian (Youngstown, Ohio), A.
  Jacob Galle (Bowdoinham, Maine), Adriane Little (Kalamazoo, Michigan),
  Julie Perini (Portland, Oregon), Esther Maria Probst (Syracuse, New
  York), Zach Rockhill (Brooklyn, New York), Rick Salafia (Kutztown,
  Pennsylvania), Peter Snowdon (Brussels, Belgium), and Ann Steuernagel
  (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Full program details available at . 007:
  Acts and Actions is the seventh project of the Portland Film + Video
  Artists Collective. PFVAC formed in July 2006. It is committed to the
  advancement of film and video as personal, experimental art forms
  through regional and international programming. Celebration and
  preservation of creative freedom is paramount in all actions. Members
  include: Betsy Nelson, independent surface designer; Deborah
  Wing-Sproul, interdisciplinary artist and Professor of Sculpture, Maine
  College of Art; Ling-Wen Tsai, interdisciplinary artist and Professor of
  Sculpture and New Media, Maine College of Art; Kenneth White, Art
  History Ph. D. graduate student, Stanford University. 007: Acts and
  Actions is made possible by a grant from the Maine Humanities Council,
  and the immense generosity of the Maine College of Art, Portland Color,
  and Zero Station.

SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 2008

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

  Tearoom (1962/2007, 16mm film transferred to video, color, silent, 56
  minutes) consists of unedited footage shot by the police of Mansfield,
  Ohio, in the summer of 1962 of men in a restroom under the main square
  of the city, and used as evidence in convictions for sodomy. Followed by
  a discussion with Jones and Bruce Hainley. General admission $9,
  students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members. The Egyptian Theatre has a validation
  stamp for the Hollywood & Highland complex. Park 4 hours for $2 with

MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2008

Weimar, Germany: Heinrich Böll Stiftung Thüringen
17:00, Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Marienstraße

  "zwischen | stadt | raum" at Bauhaus University Weimar. :::::: Invited
  by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Thüringen, and during "Arena der Zukunft -
  Urbangrün" (Futur Arena: Urban Green), Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Johann
  Zeitler will present and discuss their three channel video project.
  ::::: zwischen | stadt | raum shows the urban space of this 70's
  residential area in Berlin, and presents talks and many different
  point-of-views of residents, activists and youths about how they see
  places and space in Gropiusstadt. Surprisingly, a rather positive
  perception of the very green urban space and a strong identification
  with the area are being shown by the majority of people from
  Gropiusstadt. Impressions taken with video and still camera add to a
  complex and colorful portrait of this place, planned by and named after
  Walter Gropius, modernist architect avant-la-lettre. The artists Klaus
  W. Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler recorded the images and interview during
  a two week residency at "Pilotproject Gropiusstadt" in summer 2006.

TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2008

Berlin, Germany: Kino Arsenal
19:30, Kino Arsenal

  Into View - a two programme dialogue. 22 short films between 1926 and
  2005 selected by Ute Aurand (Berlin) and Peter Todd (London). Both Ute
  Aurand and Peter Todd are filmmakers and curators. That inspired them to
  create "A two programme dialogue". For each programme they have chosen
  three works by the other and selected films to screen with them. All
  selected films are short and more poetic than narrative or documentary -
  often they are just an observation, or a glimpse of feelings, thought or
  memory, brought into view. Many, without sound. "Ute and I met through
  interest in the films of Margaret Tait. Now I looked for films which
  would echo, comment, explore the ideas and possibilities offered by
  Ute's films and the programme opens with her film "Umweg" (Detour) from
  1981. Works I've chosen with include those by Annabel Nicolson, Storm De
  Hirsch, Jenny Okun, Margaret Tait, Jonas Mekas and Stan Brakhage. There
  will be a chance to see rarely screened films which only 'exist' when
  projected. And screening 16mm films increasingly feels like a political
  act. The dialogue continues." Peter Todd "Peter's films led me to other
  films which also consciously refuse any definiton. This strong quality
  of openness in his films creates the thread for my selection: it brought
  me from Peter's "For You" to Barry Gerson, whose subtle images trust
  alone to Seeing, to Hans Richter in 1926 and his cascade of visual
  ideas, to Marie Menken with her expressive movements and camera rhythms,
  to Renate Sami's inner beauty, to Bruce Conner's dreamy montage of found
  footage and Anita Thacher's reading of a poem in a 1 minute film. Robert
  Beavers builds with color and rhythme three visual self reflections, the
  photographer Jeannette Muñoz looks simply and directly and reaches far,
  and Theo Thiesmeier's montage creates - with the little help of a song -
  happiness." Ute Aurand

Brooklyn, New York: Light Industry
8 PM, 55 33rd Street, 3rd Floor

  Curated by Sabrina Gschwandtner Handcraft--absorbing, obsessive,
  mysterious, political, communal and mythical--is the subject of these
  documentaries, which range from exhaustively researched to casually
  recorded and even imagined. Works include: Kusama's Self-Obliteration,
  Yayoi Kusama/Jud Yalkut, 16mm, 1964, 24 mins The film was conceived as a
  portrait of the Yayoi Kusama and her work of two decades, and a
  progressively involving and engrossing experience that could possibly
  project the viewer into the screen. When This You See..., Elaine
  Reichek, video, 1998, 17 mins Nine appropriated film clips from sources
  such as Heavenly Creatures (1994) and Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) show
  women stitching. Each segment reveals a dramatic moment in the movie's
  story, and then ends with a freeze-frame over which the artist
  superimposes a single word, cataloging the act ("betrayal,"
  "revolution," "revenge," etc) each woman's handcraft symbolizes. Odd
  Fellows, Alee Peoples, Super-8 to video, 2006, 5 mins A short
  documentary on the Odd Fellows, a fraternal order begun in England as an
  offshoot of the Masons. Paracas, Cecilia Vicuña, 16mm to video, 1993, 18
  mins Conceived as a visual and sound poem in seven scenes, this
  animation of a 2,000 year-old textile now in the collection of the
  Brooklyn Museum invites entrance into a different visual and sonic
  space. The textile, interpreted here as a celebration of the Thread of
  Life, was constructed in a sculptural, three-dimensional looping
  technique developed by the ancient artists of the Paracas/Nazca region
  of Peru. Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY Art, Craft and Design, Faythe
  Levine, video, 20 mins (excerpt from the feature film to be released
  2009) A documentary exploring the rise of DIY art, craft, and design in
  the United States. The heart of this new wave of creativity is the
  community, which is equally influenced by traditional handiwork, modern
  aesthetics, politics, feminism and art. The screening will be followed
  by a Q&A session with Faythe Levine, Elaine Reichek and Cecilia Vicuña.
  Edibles will be available from Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, a renegade
  bakery project that explores a nostalgia for the bake sale through the
  performance of social engagement over sugary confections.

8:00p.m., 406 chelsea st

  Jane is a high school student who works at the local arthouse movie
  theater who learns about life, love, masturbation and sex. Especially
  sex. 1997 16mm 90min "I fell for Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore, a
  first feature that's as awkward, raucous and eager as its protagonist."
  - Amy Taubin, Village Voice "All teen movies should be as realistic as
  this semi-autobiographical journey into the joys and horrors of
  adolescence." Christina Kelly, Bust Before the screening of Mary
  Jane…(regrettably Jacobsen's last film) we will have two crunchy gems
  from the basement of a former worker at the George Eastman House. One is
  titled THE BABYSITTER and the other if my memory serves, THE GROCER'S
  BOY…These two shockingly naughty and frank shorts that are struggling to
  hang on to it's celluloid base will be enhanced by you the audience.
  Each member will be handed a instrument or other noise maker to create a
  collective and cacaphonous soundtrack for each of these
  groundbreaking(?) works.

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2008

London, England: Goethe-Institut London
7pm, Goethe-Institut London, 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH

  Daddy and Lili Marlene + Meet You in Denver, "I think that all of this
  history is typically viewed only through the lens of power-politics, and
  the individual histories of people get lost. This series of films gives
  us a rare chance to enter and perhaps better understand particular
  moments in history."(Jan Sikl for Radio Prague) Award-winning Czech
  director Jan Sikl, will be in London to introduce two documentaries from
  his series 'Private Century' in a collaboration between the Czech Centre
  and the Goethe-Institut London. Strikingly vivid, yet melancholy, these
  atmospheric films offer an intimate view of the hopes and tragedies of
  those who lived through the upheavals of 20th Century Czechoslovakia.
  With great sensitivity to the footage and an obvious affection for the
  people portrayed in it, Sikl has edited the often stunning material from
  private collections to reconstruct personal histories whilst evoking a
  bigger historical picture. These films draw us into a world that seems
  innocent and remote, but at the same time very tangible and real. Jan
  Sikl is one of the Czech Republic's most prominent documentary makers
  and has made a large number of films for Czech television. He graduated
  from the FAMU film school in 1984 and after working as director of the
  Prague Short Film Entreprise, started his own film company Pragafilm in
  1991. DADDY AND LILI MARLENE, Czech Republic 2005, 52mins. Eva
  recollects her happy memories of a Velichovky farmstead on the
  Czech-German border and her parents – the caring Daddy and beautiful but
  selfish Lili. An insight into relationships within the family and the
  village during the war and the turmoil that comes with the arrival of
  communism. MEET YOU IN DENVER, Czech Republic 2007, 52mins. Frantisek is
  obsessed with the westerns his father shows in their cinema. When the
  nationalisation of the Czechoslovakian film industry robs them of the
  cinema and the films they love, Frantisek and his cousin Ferda start to
  shoot their own westerns. In 1968 he decides to emigrate to follow his
  dreams and to see all the places he heard about as a child. TICKETS: £3
  (Double Bill £5)

London, England: Tate Modern
7pm, Bankside, SE1 9TG

  The first event in a special weekend presentation of the work of Tony
  Conrad at Tate Modern features minimal cinema with maximal effect. Few
  films provide the intense, stroboscopic viewing experience of THE
  FLICKER, a non-objective film composed only of opaque and clear frames,
  and a pulsing electronic soundtrack. Conrad's cinematic debut still
  astounds audiences four decades after its creation, and will be screened
  together with other works exploring audio-visual harmonics and the
  radical production processes of cooked and electrocuted films. This
  lecture-screening will be introduced by Tony Conrad himself. Includes
  THE FLICKER (1966, 30 min), CURRIED 7302 (1973, 2 min), 7302 CREOLE
  (1973, 1 min), ELECTROCUTED 4-X (SECOND SERIES) (1974, 10 min), FILM
  OPTICALS (1975, 10 min excerpt), STRAIGHT AND NARROW (Beverly & Tony
  Conrad, 1970, 10 min). Followed by a drinks reception to celebrate the
  publication of "Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts
  after Cage" by Branden W. Joseph (Zone Books/MIT).


Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
7:00 Social Hr., 8:00 Screening, 5243 N. Clark St.

  Join us as we celebrate the last show of our fifth season of Dyke
  Delicious. You never know what we have in store, but we won't disappoint
  you! Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?
  Most likely!

London, England: Tate Modern
10pm, Bankside, SE1 9TG

  This major new live performance by Tony Conrad is specially conceived
  for the latent sound and immense scale of the Turbine Hall. Emerging
  from an installation inspired by the hum of the former power station's
  one remaining generator, Conrad's sonic and visual feast will
  incorporate an amplified string quartet, electric drill and motors,
  phonograph arms, film projection and shadows which loom high above the
  audience. This event is FREE but advance booking is recommended. Book by
  telephone 020 7887 8888, email or online at

London, England: Tate Modern
7pm, Bankside, SE1 9TG

  Tony Conrad investigates the conditions of video production and
  presentation in a series of tapes which deconstruct or re-appropriate
  the techniques of TV. Exploiting the reflexive nature of the medium, he
  critiques the electronic image and notions of history, theory and
  authority with an irreverent sense of humour. Postmodernism was never
  this much fun! Includes CONCORD ULTIMATUM (1977, 10 min excerpt),
  REDRESSING DOWN (1988, 18 min), IPSO FACTO (1985, 7 min), LOOKERS (1984,
  4 min excerpt), EGYPT 2000 (1986, 13 min), NO EUROPE (1990, 13 min),
  ACCORDION (1981, 5 min), IN LINE (1986, 7 min). Introduced by Tony

SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2008

London, England: Tate Modern
3pm, Bankside, SE1 9TG

  Tony Conrad will discuss his radical breakthroughs in film, video, music
  and performance with Branden W Joseph, Associate Professor of Modern and
  Contemporary Art at Columbia University, and author of "Beyond the Dream
  Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts after Cage" (Zone Books/MIT). The
  discussion will include a screening of DREAMINIMALIST (2008, 25 min),
  the latest in Marie Losier's ongoing series of film portraits of artists
  (Mike and George Kuchar, Guy Maddin, Richard Foreman). The film offers
  an insightful and hilarious encounter with Conrad as he sings, dances
  and remembers his youth and his association with Jack Smith. Marie
  Losier will also be in attendance.

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  Co-presented by the iotaCenter. Founded in 1957, the Creative Film
  Society was one of the key distribution organizations of the Los Angeles
  avant-garde film movement in its time. The films screening tonight,
  selected by Angie Pike, include Logos (1957) and Odds and Ends (1958) by
  Jane Conger Belson Shimané, Things to Come (1953) and Obmaru (1953) by
  Patricia Marx, S.W.L.A. (1971) by Rob Thompson, Now That the Buffalo's
  Gone (1968) by Burton Gershfield. Plus several more to be announced!
  General admission $9, students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members. The Egyptian Theatre has a validation
  stamp for the Hollywood & Highland complex. Park 4 hours for $2 with

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