Dallas Video festival

From: Bart Weiss (email suppressed)
Date: Sat May 24 2008 - 11:19:40 PDT

The 21st Dallas Video festival will be in 2 parts this year.
Basically we are bringing the video art section to a series of sat
evening shows at Conduit Gallery and the Fort Worth Modern
please go to
for entry info
more below

The Video Art part of the Dallas Video Festival will be show at the
Conduit gallery on 5 evenings beginning July 26, 2008. Some of the
programs may also be selected to be shown at the Fort Worth Modern.
There will be no honorarium paid for the Video Art Programs.

We accept single-channel video art, but have very limited space for
multi-channel work or installations. Multi-channel works or
installations must include technical and space requirements and
photos, if possible.
Since 1986 the Dallas Video Festival has specialized in fiercely
independent, imaginative, unusual, provocative and sometimes
description-defying electronic media. The Dallas Video Festival is
still a bastion of true independent media, offering viewpoints and
voices and visual styles that don?t always have expression in more
mainstream festivals. We're a filmmaker-friendly festival whose
audience is hip, sophisticated, adventurous, intelligent, and off-
beat, and who care more about seriously watching your film than
attending parties. We offer both style AND substance.

Instead of one big prize, we give over $8,000 in honorariums to every
artist whose work we show. Individually, it's not a lot of money, but
it basically pays back your entry fee and, more importantly, gives us
some tangible way for us to honor your work and thank you for being
the heart and soul of the Dallas Video Festival.

21th Annual Dallas Video Festival is open to professional and non-
professional filmmakers working in all genres including documentary,
narrative, animation and experimental. "Video" is defined broadly to
include all mediums originated or finished in video or other
electronic forms, including works originated on video or HD video,
digital graphics and animation, hand-drawn animation, works on film
finished in video, and works intended for digital distribution. There
are no length or thematic or content restrictions, although works
which reflect innovation, creative storytelling, alternative
viewpoints, diversity, multidisciplinary explorations, or off-the-
beaten path subjects compete strongly.

Most works are selected by Artistic Director Bart Weiss, with the
exception of short works by Texas artists, which are selected by a
jury. Works selected into The Texas Show are given special attention
as the closing program of the Festival, and the works are authored to
DVD. Short Texas works not selected into The Texas Show can still be
eligible for the Festival if selected by Mr. Weiss.

If you have an alternative vision, have an important story to tell,
and are looking for an audience that really appreciates independent
works, we're your niche!

  Bart Weiss

          Better Living Through Video

president/video association of dallas
director/dallas video festival
Associate Professor/University of Texas at Arlington
producer/frame of mind (KERA TV)
artistic director/ 3 stars cinema

home address
1405 Woodlawn Ave.Dallas Texas 75208.
voice 214 948 7300
email email suppressed
www.videofest.org for video fest info
aim: videofest

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.