"filmmaker's list" also hacked ...

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 13 2008 - 14:51:03 PDT

hi, so, inevitably I disabled the posting and data insert ability fo the
"subversive nub", and today did the same with "the filmmakers list" ...


so, right now
everything is "read only" - which is somewhat bad and against the purpose
of it, but its useless if someone's just writing junk to the pages. I'm
not sure why someone out there would do that, but they have, choosing to
attack the profiles of:

  joel schlemowitz
  diego costa
  konrad steiner

I don't think any data was lost. I'm trying to figure out what is the
appropriate action to take and after that I'll do something.

the very idea was that these would be open to the public and serve as a
"free and open" data repository where people could go and post and
describe films and people from the experimental film community would write
and this and that - the format wasn't "perfect" but was workable ... but
right now I'm not sure what to do about the posts so, for the meantime
I've disabled the posting ...


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