Re: The return of Kodachrome Super8?

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Mon May 12 2008 - 22:50:43 PDT

I can make films with any camera (or without a camera) and I can dig
any film stock, or paint over it. I am an "experimentalist", I make
gestalt cinema.
Meanwhile what am I going to do with this pile of pre-1973 KII 8mm
stock in the fridge ....guess I will whip out the old Morse tank, buy
some developer and rapid fix, figure out the best way to remove that
black backing material, and end up with some weird BW negative that
will be fun to paint colors on and then flip to positive digitally.
Apparently I was misinformed and thought Dwayne's could process I find out that K12 process is only done on Mars.

I shot and enjoyed plenty of good Kodachrome in its day, it was nice
when it worked with the particular film I was making, other times it
seemed to Kodachromy and carnival like as in too Disneylandish or
whatever , Ansco gave a cold dark look that was sometimes what I was
after. They all had their place and respective moods. Even the
different brands of outdated stock all had their own way of
distorting, some becoming almost all yellow green, I forget which one
was that, but it sometimes worked for what it ended up as.


Myron Ort

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