Re: Getting up to speed with the new film stocks......

From: Myron Ort (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 11 2008 - 13:10:03 PDT

Thanks for the info, and for responding so at least I know my
messages are getting out there.
I think I understand how it works, its like my old 16mm Filmo and the
other non reflex cameras I have used.
Its a non-reflex e-group. (with no viewfinder.....) Its the way I
make films anyway. Just post and hope.

The Filmo, which I still use sometimes is also double-claw and double
sprocket which does not portend too well for the future, or the
present for that matter, except for all the left over outdated double
sprocket stock I have on hand.
(The good news is that the old Cine Special IS single sprocket and
single cool is that? for a camera design that first came
out in the mid 30s.)
I do want to shoot some new animation on new 16mm stock also, and my
question is what current stock can I use (?).

I will be shooting with with my Rex 5 (Ben VanMeter's old camera he
traded me some years ago for a truckload of vintage windows). I still
have a functional JK motor which puts the shutter speed somewhere
around 1/2 second (I will do some tests), and my tungsten balanced
quartz 3200k lights. I think I need a color stock which is as slow
as I can get. They have 100T or 50D stock in negative. If I use
the 50D stock and an 80A filter (two stops right there), I can shoot
with the aperture closed to f22.
What are people doing these days for film stock for shooting
animation in this mode with such a slow shutter speed and such bright
lights? I guess I could always use some ND filters. I would like the
color to be as true as possible.

Myron Ort

On May 11, 2008, at 11:18 AM, Steve Polta wrote:

> Myron:
> One's own messages do not show up on the group. I
> don't know why but it's not you. As far as I know,
> that's the way it goes, although perhaps the list
> owner could inform us of ways to change one's
> settings. But I think that's just the way it goes.
> all postings to this list are archived at
> and it's pretty speedy, if you need to check yrself.
> Steve Polta
> --- Myron Ort <email suppressed> wrote:
>> I hit "reply" in my email but nothing seems to show
>> up on this list.
>> I am baffled.
>> Myron Ort
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