Film Salon: Wed. April 16, 7:30 & 9pm - Double Bill

From: Chris Kennedy (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 15 2008 - 13:23:35 PDT

Hi everyone,
This Wednesday April 16th we have a special double bill and some other
recent additions to the scheduled program.

We start with a program of short films, featuring Daniel Barnett's "Chinese
Typewriter" and with the addition of Rock Ross' "Pelvic Eruptions" and
Michael Maziere's "Cezanne's Eye".

We'll follow that program with Helke Sander's "The All Round Reduced
Personality", which we were unable to screen last semester. Hope you can
make it.

SFAI Film Salon, Studio 8, San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street
Wednesday, April 16
7:30pm & 9 pm, free
Films by Daniel Barnett, Standish Lawder, Rock Ross, Michael Maziere & Curt
Followed by Helke Sander¹s ³The All Round Reduced Personality²

7:30pm: Chinese Typewriter
Shot soon after the fall of the Chinese ³Gang of Four², Daniel Barnett¹s
³Chinese Typewriter² looks at moments of life and work, the sounds of
history and ideology and reframes them within an energized work of
associative meaning. An essay in which multiple levels of articulation
emerge by way of image relation and disassociation, the film weaves
analogies of thought and language, symbol and gesture, education and
politics, towards the assertion of a ³grammar of the interior². Curt
Thomas¹s ³Accidental and Purposeful Actions² is a more contemplative study
of the meaning emerging within and between images. Standish Lawder¹s
³Necrology² creates a disturbing, yet transfixing transformation of the
commute of a workday crowd. Also included are Rock Ross¹ recent ³Pelvic
Eruptions² and Michael Maziere¹s Cezanne¹s Eye².

Program to include:
The Chinese Typewriter Daniel Barnett, 1978, 28 min
Accidental & Purposeful Actions, Curt Thomas, 4 min.
Necrology, Standish Lawder, 1970, 12min.
Cezanne¹s Eye, Michael Mazière, 1991, 20 min.
Pelvic Eruptions, Rock Ross, 3 min.

9PM: The All-Round Reduced Personality
Helke Sander¹s Redupers is a fascinating portrait of a divided Berlin
(divided by politics and gender) thirty years ago. Sander plays Edda, a news
photographer trying to make ends meet for her young daughter in a difficult,
fractured society. The city she walks through mirrors her frustration, a
life lived on installments, a series of out-takes (the English translation
of ³redupers²), from a more successful life. A classic of the New German

Program to include:
The All-Round Reduced Personality ­ Redupers, Helke Sanders, 1977, 100 min.

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