Ghosting the Image

From: Stoffel Debuysere (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 02:04:38 PDT

The recuperation and citation of images is a film practice as old as
cinema itself, and one of the principal strategies within the
traditions of avant-garde film and video. In so-called «found-footage
films», bits and scraps from the media reality surrounding us are not
only taken out of their context and accorded new meanings, but also
serve as a basis for critical reflection and analysis. For recycled
images call attention to themselves as ‘images’, as products of
the cinema and broadcasting industry, as part of the endless stream
of information, entertainment and persuasion that constitutes the
media-saturated environment of modern life.

The film and video works featured in the programme 'Ghosting the
Image' disrupt the usual rhetoric of the media spectacle,
characterized by stability and linearity, and turn it against itself.
By destabilizing dominant narrative structures and exploring the
limits of representation, these works reveal how time, perception and
memory are organised. By dismantling the illusion, these films and
videos unmask the ambiguity and vulnerability of images, revealing
what is being systematically ignored, repressed or left out. As if
for a moment the veil of our eyes was lifted, only to find a world of
images staring back at us.

with works by Martin Arnold, Stan Brakhage, Abigail Child, Morgan
Fisher, Nina Fonoroff, Brian Frye, Ken Jacobs, Cathy Joritz, Lewis
Klahr, Peter Kubelka, Owen Land, Maurice Lemaître, Saul Levine,
Arthur Lipsett, Matthias Müller, Pere Portabella, Luther Price,
Vanessa Renwick, David Rimmer, Robert Ryang, Keith Sanborn, Kirk
Tougas, Peter Tscherkassky, Naomi Uman

Curated by Stoffel Debuysere and Maria Palacios Cruz for the
Courtisane Festival, Ghent, Belgium (21-27 April 2008). A selection
of these films will also be shown at WORM, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
(8-9 May 2008).

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1. Thu 24.04 22:30 (Cinema Sphinx) // LATE NIGHT TALES

Peter Tscherkassky
Outer Space
AT, 1999, 10’, 35mm, b/w, sound

Pere Portabella
Vampir Cuadecuc
ES, 1970, 67’, 35mm, b/w, sound

2. Fri 25.04 22:30 (Cinema Sphinx) // DISSONANT RESONANCE

Ken Jacobs
Perfect Film
US, 1986, 22’, 16mm, b/w, sound

Arthur Lipsett
CA, 1968, 23’, 16mm, b/w, sound

Abigail Child
US, 1989, 10’, 16mm, colour, sound

Peter Kubelka
Unsere Afrikareise
AT, 1966, 13’, 16mm, colour, sound

Stan Brakhage
Murder Psalm
US, 1981, 17’, 16mm, colour, silent

3. Sa 26.04 15:00 (Cinema Sphinx) // REMEDIAL RESPONSE

Luther Price
Jellyfish Sandwich
US, 1994, 17’, S8mm, colour, sound

Naomi Uman
US, 1999, 6’, 16mm, colour, sound

Cathy Joritz
Negative Man
DE/US, 1985, 3′, 16mm, b/w, sound

Owen Land
Fleming Faloon
US, 1963, 7’, 16mm, colour, sound

Maurice Lemaître
Un Navet
FR, 1976, 31’, 16mm, colour, sound

4. Sa 26.04 16:30 (Cinema Sphinx) // STORIES UNTOLD

Robert Ryang
US, 2005, 2’, video, colour, sound

Matthias Muller
Home Stories
DE, 1990, 6’, 16mm, colour, sound

Luther Price
The Mongrel Sister
US, 2007, 7’, 16mm, colour, sound

Martin Arnold
Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy
AT, 1998, 15’, 16mm, b&w, sound

Nina Fonoroff
Some Phases of an Empire
1984, 9’, S8mm, colour, sound

Ken Jacobs
The Doctor’s Dream
US, 1978, 25’, 16mm, b/w, sound

Maurice Lemaitre
The Song of Rio Jim
FR, 1978, 6’, 16 mm, b/w, sound

5. Sa 26.04 19:30 (Artcentre Vooruit) // TIME AFTER TIME

Saul Levine
The Big Stick / An Old Reel
US, 1973, 11’, 16mm, b/w, silent

David Rimmer
CA, 1984, 11’, 16mm, colour & b/w, sound

Keith Sanborn
Operation Double Trouble
US, 2003, 10’, video, colour, sound

Kirk Tougas
The Politics of Perception
CA, 1973, 33’, 16mm,colour, sound

6. Su 26.04 18:00 (Cinema Sphinx) // GLANCING BACK

Vanessa Renwick
Britton, South Dakota
US, 2003, 9’, 16mm to video, b/w, sound

Brian Frye
Oona’s Veil
US, 2000, 8’, 16mm, b/w, sound

Lewis Klahr
Her Fragrant Emulsion
US, 1987, 10’, 16mm, colour, sound

Morgan Fisher
Standard Gauge
US, 1984, 35’, 16mm, colour, sound

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