Re: Lost, Destroyed, and Unmade Films

From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 19:07:21 PDT

Somewhere I seem to have picked up the idea that
Hollis Frampton intended to make Cornell's MONSIEUR
PHOT, although I'm pretty sure he never completed it.
Anyone know?

Steve Polta

--- Bruce Checefsky <email suppressed> wrote:

> Thanks, Andy. I've looked at Cornell's Monsieur
> Phot and considered making the film for over a year
> now
> (probably longer). After reading Pavle Levi's
> interesting article titled 'Doctor Hypnison and the
> Case of
> Written Cinema (October 166, Spring 2006), in which
> he describes a scenario by poet Monny de Boully as
> a 'paper movie', written never to be filmed, (Film
> critic Branko Vu&#269;i&#263;evi&#263;' wrote about
> this in his book titled
> Paper Movies), I believe this was likely the case
> with Cornell's Monsieur Phot. Andrew Lampert
> thought
> Cornell didn't attempt to make the film which makes
> sense from the research. But i still wonder if he
> wrote the scenario with the idea of making the film
> later, or did he published it as a 'paper film'.
> Have you
> read the scenario? what do you think?
> thanks bruce
> Joseph Cornell's "Monsieur Phot," a scenario for an
> unmade film, published 1936 in Julien Levy's book
> "Surrealism" and reprinted (I believe) in P. Adams
> Sitney's anthology titled "The Avant-Garde Film."
> Andy Ditzler
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> Subject: Lost, Destroyed, and Unmade Films
> > I'm looking for short film scenario's published in
> the 1930's that were either never made into films,
> or
> > lost/destroyed (as films) during WWII. Any
> suggestions?
> >
> > bruce
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