Re: Creative use of first person/talking head interviews

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 12:59:29 PDT

Sorry I'm really waaaay behined on this one but in my
defence I have a lot of problems these days after
everything that's happened to me and it's a really
busy time for me to boot! Catch up is the name of my
life right now.

However I can't recommend enough the film:

"Meditations on Revolution V: Foreign City" by Robert
Fenz. The film features the voice of artist and jazz
musician Marion Brown but the film seems to have been
shot on a non-synch camera, but that hasn't been a
problem at all and he just avoids lip synch cinematic
conventions and situations. It's just a really
outstanding film apart from that too. Really, really
special, a strange sort of documentary, come portrait,
come interview, come experimental weird film. I loved
it to bits when I saw it.

It makes a good pairing with "Slow Cities" by Klaus
Eisenlohr (already mentioned), which also does an
intresting job with the MOS camera situation but in a
slightly different way. Compare and contrast type
thingy! :)



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