Re: kodachrome slide film

From: john price (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 28 2008 - 06:03:51 PDT

I have shot KS perfs in an arri 3 and it ran steady... that was a bulk
roll of ektachrome 64T slide film... probably not steady enough for
effects but for an experimental film it looked fine... 35mm camera
original up on a 40 foot screen cannot be matched for sharpness or
detail especially when you have 3000+ watts of xenon pumping through

I imagine the roll lengths are between 2000 and 10000 feet but i have
not been able to get this information... soon I hope now that I have
given up on the slaes rep and started to post the question.


On Mar 27, 2008, at 11:30 PM, Sam Wells wrote:

>> I first discovered him when people tried to argue about the
>> impossibility of hand- processing Kodachrome. Very informative here:
> Wow, 400 speed Kodachrome; T grain.....
> Anyway -- John the only person I can think of at Kodak who might lend
> a sympathetic ear would be Steve Garfinkle (he was vocally an advocate
> of the continuation of Plus-X and Tri-X reversal stocks from Kodak
> ---  (I don't have contact info)
> I don't know how long the rolls are -- but cutting at 400' (or 100'
> for Eyemo) lengths is certainly _doable_ whether they would or not is
> another question. They can even custom slit widths although they're
> not likely to tell you that but I know a filmmaker got them to slit
> and perf the 5285 (from the sheets I suppose) at  16mm single perf
> some time before they - Kodak - released the stock in 16/S16 gauge. I
> suspect he bought a lot of it.
> A Kodak rep did tell me once they could give me 400' rolls (35mm) of T
> Max 400 with BH perfs - If I bought "enough of it" (he wasn't sure how
> much would constitute "enough" - this was not too long after the
> introduction of that emulsion.
> Cutting to 400' isn't your only concern, the perforating issue is
> another -- with the KS perfs which it normally has as a still film
> you'd have to find something that worked -- it's well known Coutard
> shot on Ilford (and Agfa ?) stills films for Godard (Breathless, and
> -- ?? Le Petit Soldat ?) with an Eclair Cameflex ---  on CML once,
> Jean-Pierre Beauviala alluded to the possibility of shooting KS perf
> film with the Aaton 35-III but I don't know if anyone has done that or
> not.....     paging Jeff........
> -Sam
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